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Central and Western New York State Sister City Sign Mob/Bomb Challenge

Central and Western New York State
Sister City Sign Mob/Bomb Challenge
This is a Friendly challenge that has been proposed between our groups in the three cities located in Central and Western New York State
Buffalo- Syracuse- Rochester

Who has the best and largest Sign Mob/Bomb Participation?
Judging of this contest will be done by video's to be posted on our sites
You the Daily Paul Reader will also be the judge!!

The Rules of Engagement
1. Must be Outside at a Public and Visible Venue of Choice
2. Held in a Party Neutral Location, such as a mall, or any busy intersection
3. Must be Fun, Non-Confrontational, Friendly, Family Oriented
4. Creativity and Enthusiastic for Ron Paul
5. Let's see who can attract the largest group of Participants

Let's see who comes out on top?
Will it be Buffalo? Will it be Rochester? Will it be Syracuse?

The Challenger’s City Affiliations are:
Angela Hilton-Rochester NY
Co Organizer-Monroe-County-Tea-Party-Coalition-for-Ron-Paul-Rochester-NY
Event Organizer-Monroe County Campaign for Liberty

Carrie M Christman-Rochester NY
Co Organizer-Monroe County Campaign for Liberty
Assistant Organizer-Monroe-Ontario-County-for-Ron-Paul

David Andrew Gay-Syracuse NY
Co Organizer-Monroe-County-Tea-Party-Coalition-for-Ron-Paul-Rochester-NY

Jim Kistner-Buffalo NY
Co Organizer-Monroe-County-Tea-Party-Coalition-for-Ron-Paul-Rochester-NY

Tony Matuszak-Buffalo NY
Co Organizer-Monroe-County-Tea-Party-Coalition-for-Ron-Paul-Rochester-NY

WE Also Challenge the Rest of America to Join us!!!
Who has the Largest SIGN MOB/BOMB???
Who in America is the BEST???

Stay tuned for the best results coming to you soon, in the weeks to come.
Keep watch for the postings of Sign Mobs/Bombs in your area!
There is no date set for the finish!
The last Primary, when Dr. Ron Paul becomes our candidate is a great end date.
In the meantime, post your photos as a response to this notice of challenge.

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So far Rochester is in the lead but Syracuse is closing in!

Good luck to all involved

A great Idea

Go NY !!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Thanks Celeste!

We hope the other states catch on


I had a similar idea I posted here that quickly fell off the front page before anyone read it.
The difference with mine is you actually have a good chance of millions of people seeing it on TV.
Possibly on a daily basis check it out.

Cool, I live outside of

Cool, I live outside of Syracuse. Should be fun.

Creative. Free Publicity. Exciting.

Gets people (and the news media)involved.
Good luck! Thanks for supporting Dr Paul in such a creative manner.

My 2 cents: Dates or Deadlines may give a sense of urgency and a better turnout.

Dates are open

We schedule our rallies weekly. they are all listed on our meetups.
Whoever wants to participate is free to schedule when they see fit.
Thank you.

Angela, organizer
Monroe-Ontario County for Ron Paul meetup

Angela, I live in Hilton and

Angela, I live in Hilton and may be able to add some numbers to the cause.

Will be at Marketplace Mall Sunday Feb. 5, noon-3

How far is Hilton to Henrietta?
We meet at Wegmans parking lot on Hylan Drive.
If you need signs I have some.

Sign Bomb

Please sign up on our sites for Ron Paul...we have a sign MOB/BOMB this Sunday at Market Place Mall.
Please join us.

Organizer with
MOnroe County Tea Party Coalition for Ron Paul/meetup
Campaign for Liberty
MOnroe Ontario County for Ron Paul

Sister City Challenge

Angela and I are challenging the rest of America to come up with the best Sign MOB?BOMB before the end of the primary season. WE all need to be out in full force to support Ron Paul.

Please join our meetup groups located in Monroe and Ontario county New York
Monroe Ontario County for Ron Paul
Monroe County Campaign for Liberty
Monroe County Tea Party Coalition for Ron Paul

We have been actively supporting Ron Paul since last fall. Please join us!! The more people we have the more fun we have!!

Weekly Sign Bombs up to the NY Primary!

We are alternating between two locations. Eastview Mall in Victor and Marketplace Mall in Henrietta. Starts at noon.
Anyone interested can check the meetups for schedules.
You are welcome to start your own in a location that is more convenient for you.
Thank you for your interest.

Angela R. Hilton
organizer, Monroe-Ontario County for Ron Paul meetup
co-organizer, Monroe County Campaign for Liberty
assistant organizer, Monroe County Tea Party Coalition for Ron Paul