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South Carolina Surge: Ron Paul Sign Wave - Spartanburg, SC 01/14/12 and more!

Hey y'all!! Thought you'd be excited to see our sign wave for Ron Paul, yesterday, January 14 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We had a fabulous time! It was wonderful seeing old friends and making many new friends! We had folks come down from Raleigh, Asheville, Brevard (Hey B!) and Greenville...probably more I don't know of. We had the biggest crowd ever to participate in a Spartanburg Ron Paul sign wave! I can tell you Ron Paul IS surging in South Carolina because I've been going to Ron Paul sign waves since 4 years ago and there is a huge uptick in positive response these days!

Here is a video I made of the sign wave, we had a lot of dedicated and energetic folks participating, it was a pleasure to meet with them all! Thank you Ron Paul supporters for turning out to the best sign wave ever! Hugs!


I'm including some of the other SC/Ron Paul video I've caught over the past week in case you've missed some of my other posts...please help to spread these videos, we only have less than a week until primary day! Enjoy!

WSPA7 Ron Paul Sign Wave Greenville Spartanburg, SC 01/14/12

Meeting Ron Paul Supporters: Columbia, SC 01/11/12

The Early Crowd for Ron Paul - Columbia, SC 01/11/12

Command Master Chief Jesse "Gene" Campbell USN, Ret.
Endorses Ron Paul - Rally for Ron Paul Spartanburg, SC 01/06/12

Ron Paul: Whistle-Stop in Columbia, SC 01/11/12

For more SC and SCGOP related video content: http://www.youtube.com/user/Butterflybreakfast

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Nice Work!

Be care though, that one guy almost got clipped. I can't believe the local code enforcers don't shut them down for being in the road. Keep it up!


4 SC!!!

great job! thanks

As I watched your video it gave me an idea.

If I was driving by and didn't know Ron Paul or what he represents.... what would get me to google him? Maybe every third or forth sign could briefly state a few memorable phrases? Like a flash card. Repetition is good.

Example:Sign#1-End the Federal Reserve= more $ in UR pocket. (a few Ron Paul signs in between) then sign #2
The Federal Reserve is privately owned-audit the Fed Res!
#3 Secret Bankers printing $ and lending it to you.
#4 Blame the Federal Reserve for this $$ Mess.
#5 The Federal Reserve is not Federal; Fed EX is not Federal.

Lots of "Ron Paul" signs in-between each "flash card sign"
Gear the signs toward the issues most prevalent in each location.
It would be a form of educating while driving, esp for older people who do not have the internet. People would need to stand with distance in between to give drivers time to read and absorb. (Like hwy billboards).
just a thought, thanks for listening and all of your great
efforts. The fight for Freedom brings people together.

I am a member of several of your groups.

And you guys are the goods.
I get all of the mailing and MeetUp events. And you guys are kicking some arss down there. You have made a huge difference for the campaign in your letter writing efforts and phone-a-thon drives. I just wish Nicole would open that mailing list so I could post my RON PAUL 2012 PATRIOT UPDATE to the mailing list. Or make me an assistant or something. The request has been made. We are all in this together. Some of us have been for a long long time.
Enjoy the video, and always get more.
Cherish every moment.
Tumbleweed Steve

Here is some Ohio event video for you.
Montrose sign wave_12-01-14
RON PAUL 2012 SIGN WAVE in Streetsboro Ohio 8/16/11
RON PAUL 2012 SIGN BOMB in Boardman Ohio 8/10/2011
Campaigning for RON PAUL 2012 at TEA Party Express (with music)
ETF Cleveland Ohio 11-22-2010
REMEMBER-REMEMBER the 5th of November OHIO
LATEST Video of Medina sign waving‏


Thanks Steve

I get mail from you every once in a while (in fact, just this morning) since Greer/281 has an open mailing list. Nicole I think has someone (an assistant) helping her with e-mails and such, I'm pretty sure she told me she gets over 1000 a day!!! So be patient, you know she's all over the state this week! :)

Thank you for all you're doing Tumbleweed! Hugs!

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Great stuff! Keep it up!

Great stuff! Keep it up!

Don't forget...GET OUT THE VOTE

Just wanted to say, I believe Ron Paul could win South Carolina with some get-out-the-vote effort. A little extra push in that direction and this could be a real turning point.