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Biggest South Carolina endorsement treated to near blackout coverage - Examiner

At 6:00pm EST there was supposed to be coverage of perhaps the biggest endorsement by a South Carolina political leader in their state. Obviously, we must assume at this hour that it would only be met with big news coverage if the person in question picked any of the candidates except Ron Paul.


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FOxnews ticker

Watching Fox News Sunday here in Australia, the only mention was that Sen Tom Davis had endorsed the TX Congressman. Did not mention him by name or what he endorsed him for. Unbelievable what passes for the Press.

Jim Stewart

I wonder..

..if it will be reported in the local newspapers. I hope some will.

Posted the following:This is

They covered Santorum's endorsement:
"Santorum Reacts to Key Social Conservative Endorsement"
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-news-sunday/blog/2012/01/1...

Posted the following:
This is news and the coveted endorsement by Senator Tom Davis of Ron Paul is not?
Every Candidate has been pulling for that endorsement...



I posted this on Twitter.
Good find.

Mainstream media is a joke.
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