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80% DROP in moneybomb rate since day 1!

We got Dr. Paul $1M on day 1....

And TODAY was the day of his HUGE ENDORSEMENT!!
$200,000?? Really?? That's all we could do?


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Moneyball Politics

Ron Paul will not be able to compete head to head with Mitt Romney and his Wall Street money machine so he is going to have to play it smart by sticking to proportional primary states and other states where he can get the most delegates per dollar. Hopefully that will drive the costs for Romney into the stratosphere hurting them where it counts. Florida is a winner take all state that has lost half of its delegates and which is extremely expensive, therefore, it is barely worth spending money on but a good showing will help to keep the momentum going. The best strategy there is to try to emulate what Santorum did in Iowa, hard work and very little money.
It is sad to say it but elections are a money game and the best tactic is to try to drive Romney's cost per delegate up while Ron Paul keeps his cost per delegate low. If he can do that well enough then Romney's backers will end up getting sick of throwing money at his campaign. Ron Paul won't have the money to plow through like Romney so strategy is going to be extremely important.

South Carolina isn't the end all be all

Don't think this is the end of the road in SC. The west is best for Paul! Keep Funding. SC is like a war mongering ignorant neocon state. Really people, don't worry about it. We have plenty of freedom states up ahead. If people are watching how Paul does in Sc, you really shouldn't worry about it. Just fund!

Helping the campaign fund raise

Is our job.

The reason the money bombs in 08 were so successful, is that everyone made it their responsibility to push people to donate.

That said, I don't see Paul hauling in a lot of money unless he can finish second in SC. The problem with his delegate strategy is that they wasted so much money on negative ads to not win Iowa, that now that they have no wins, it is hard for them to generate a fundraising bump.

Hopefully Dr. Paul finishes at least second in SC and gives everyone something to donate about.

Freedom and Reason, the highest ideals.

The problem with our money bombs.

Like I say EVERY money bomb. Can we have a money bomb on the last Saturday of the month because I get paid on the last Friday of each month. I didnt have any time to budget for this money bomb. When do you get paid?

$100 Dollar Moneybomb x 200,000 supporters = $20 million!

If the Campaign knows how many donors Ron Paul has...
I heard Doug Wead say on fox or cnn that Ron Paul has 500,000 supporters.And we are not going away.Sure some may have maxed-out.

But if you know how many there are....say 200,000 supporters!
Make an honest request for Everyone to donate $100 Dollars.
REVPAC might have to go Plug this in an AD for the older people etc, & others that may not use the internet.
Just tell it to our people PLAIN AND SIMPLE. THEY WILL HELP as much as they can.

"If all 200,000 supporters donate $100 = 20 million Dollars."

That anticipation alone will energize people to participate.

We are getting to the wire here and we have to try!!!!!!!!!

Tell the people what is the potential. How if everyone donated $100 which is not that huge, but together, it could be very huge and very powerful.

But the trouble with current Money Bombs is that there is a lot of ambiguity and anxiety right now about the what will happen next and most of the supporters do not have prevy to the Campaign strategy etc.

So we/people dont know what is going on. So it is rightly so that people are holding back a little b/c of the economy etc.

Last time we raised over 6 million (i think) on Tea Party Money Bomb than this time (but with less supporters)

So please consider this.
Also look into (sadly the monthly cycle of when people get paid - every two weeks)

I think if you let the people know - they will respond.

Besides, the more the base grows, the more moneybombs like this you could have, and perhaps even make it to $ 50 donations from 400,000 people!
The beauty is -> Affordable amount + None maxs out + Comfortable war chest + Campaign can be confident the there will be money there when you ask for it! = BECAUSE IT IS AFFORDABLE EVERYONE and huge impact.

Heck it could be the "I WENT" Money Bomb.
Have a website with that Picture of RP on the Bike.

RevPAC should make an AD for this

OR atleast plug this at the end of their ads.
Also: Once the date has been set we should contact everyone each of us know "Word of Mouth" so that everyone is in the know.

ALSO: If Campaign knows has the data to all the current donors all they have to do is send and email to them; But that has to be done with a video anouncment before hand - then when they receive the email, people will be informed.

IT could be posted here at the Daily Paul and the Forums

There has got to be at least more that 200,000 supporter donors!!!!!

Things are going to get bad if he doesnt get the money.

The title of this thread is wrong

And should be changed. Last thing we need is this stuff being repeated by the lame stream media.

We had so many money bombs,

We had so many money bombs, super brochure, Revolution Pac and other independent donations to leaders/organizers of the liberty movement during the campaign. We are mostly indebted College students and on top the recession is severe. I have to buy my books for next semester which are >$500. We should keep pushing it and not be mad at each other or the future of this campaign. It's working guy's, just a lot of obstacles we have to get through but let's keep changing peoples minds DAILY at least. Go out and change a person to make up for lack of donation $$. :)

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

"We are mostly indebted

"We are mostly indebted college students"?

You can speak for yourself, but don't be so quick to throw all of his supporters in your group. Dr. Paul appeals to a lot of people.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

sorry im poor

gave him 1300$ in 08 but add 4years+ 2kids+no work= no money

We could use some

We could use some inspirational videos that highlight the contrast between Ron Paul's fundraising and Romney's directly.

Featuring info from here:

Namely, the size of contributions and exactly WHO the contributors are. This should help motivate people to counteract Goldman Sachs.

Hell, just a screen shot of the "Top Contributors" sections should inspire any decent American to shell out 10 bucks for Dr. Paul.

I don't like the pie charts there showin the difference between large and small donors. A graphic needs to be unambiguous and memorable.

This one is a bit better if you look at the "Size of contributions" section from here:

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Problem with moneybomb

The moneybomb is poorly advertised.
Americans don't see it in TV, don't hear about it in radio, don't read about it in newspaper. Even candidate itself, his staff, and widely known people who endorsed RP don't talk about it, when they have air and mic.
People who know about it and gave donations are the same people, now and ever. They gave what they could. Relative big donor population, but, compared to size of American nation, very small. You still have huge reserves but you don't know how to access it. You rely on Internet too much.
The moneybomb will be neatly covered when even people who don't like RP or don't care about him, will know about moneybomb, it's purpose, time of duration and name of website where everyone can look on results.
People like gambling. Why nobody is taking bets what value eventually will be achieved?
Event became routine and, therefor, it loses some of this appeal. It should become event again, the national event.
Then, you'll be surprised by the results.

It's on the front of


Everyone isn't on the internet

24/7 like some of us are! The promotion of the moneybombs has been very poor! They don't even mention donating to the campaign at the campaign stops as far as I can tell... I may be wrong on that, but I haven't seen or heard anything yet.

Silence Dogood IX

it's not enough

Event need more non-Internet advertising to expand base of dedicated followers.

Today was over 350k

That is not bad when you consider 2.8 million has been raised in 15 days!

We have a lot of new

We have a lot of new supporters/voters now!! This does NOT mean we have a lot of new donors or activists. This problem is nothing new, but it is a problem we need to figure out. I've tried on here, but threads just get burried with-in a couple of days and solutions aren't worked out...

Black this out and Tea-Party MB's did do fairly well though because a few thousdand of us knew about it weeks in advance and were able to promote it.

We need to all have a discussion on how to get supporters to join the money bomb efforts. And when I mean "we need to" I mean the whole online community, not just the maximum 100 people that'll read my post...

I have been thinking about producing a money bomb flyer, and selling them for cost by the 1000 to everyone on here, or sharing the artwork with those who can get them printed themselves.. Then carpet bomb our citys and towns with them..

February 14th

We need to set the record and go into super Tuesday with $$$$$. I'm new but we need to get the powers that be to get this started. Including whoever made the Black This Out facebook group. We need to invite everyone and say $10 each will help.

I met two people tonight thanking me for my donation (I posted the photo) but said they didn't have enough to donate. We need to get it to the masses that $10 each times 500,000 is A WIN!!!!!

He raised 1.5 Million between January 1-13

The campaign has raised about 2.8 million through 15 days. We are on pace for over 5 million raised this month.

5 Million Is Nothing........

You have Super Tuesday Coming up....11 States On March 6th.......You Have TO Run Ads In All Those States....

Ron was taking it easy on us by asking for only 10 million by February 19th. It should be 20p-30 Million.

Welcome to the harsh world of Presidential politics........you need Big Bucks.

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The well is running dry, my

The well is running dry, my friend. I'm maxed out and I'm sure many others as well.

Cos Cob, CT

RP's Facebook fans

If every Facebook fan gave only $10 = 7 Million! Only $5 = 3.5 Million!

Moneybombs in 2008

1 million 850 thousand jan 21 2008
1 million 50 thousand feb 1 2008

just for comparison

Don t look like we are far behind, despite that the economy is much worse.

You can look at the half empty glass or half full.

But I agree lets get at it.


Is the campaign using the facebook friends to reach out and ask?
That should be an abundant resource.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

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this has happened every multi-day push.

lull in between, usually with a sudden rise @ end to meet goal.

If goals are not met, it is most likely because new people are not being added to the pool, and those participating are being tapped out. The only way this funding mechanism can continue is by expanding the base.

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not enough advertising outside of dp

moneybomb should really always be advertised beforehand

Ron Paul lost the momentum in Iowa and NH--get with reality

People felt they didn't get back the money and effort they put in.

"Staying Positive" does not produce results or $$$.

You can't enlarge your base without victory. His max is at about $1 million a bomb till he gets the momentum going to get new supporters.

Lots of people are maxed out or past their budget already.

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