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Shouldn't There be Alot More New Members Due To The Super Brochure?

I think the super brochures are a positive grassroots effort. I wanted to ask a quick question to those in the know however and that is.

With the hundreds of thousands of these things that have gone out, why is the active member count pretty much the same as it was before?

This isn't a negative towards the super brochure but rather a simple question of, "is it converting?".

I have seen it work great "belly to belly" but for some reason I was expecting to watch the member base SKYROCKET once these mailers started going out and I am just not seeing that.

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stats for who's among us

scroll down to the bottom of any DP page and click on the number counter, it pulls up a map that zooms and shows location of who's here and active at the moment. Red are active, blue...are probably at work, sleeping, sign-waving and not active on the site at the moment.

Someone correct if i'm wrong on the active colors. But I'm always showing as red in my area when i'm on DP...er...kind of hard to tell when i'm not online and blue.

I lurked

for months before I got an account. Maybe they're shy?

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

I did the same thing myself. I have supported since 07

And just joined this year BUT with the amount of brochures going out, wouldn't you think it would bump up pretty decently? I mean, if they were converting that is? Or is ronpaul2012.com getting more traffic from them?

I just don't get where the "converting traffic" is going from the brochure if anywhere. Can anyone expand on this?

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