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Don’t Ever Expect to See the Graphic Again - Dvorak Blog

You will be shocked and awed how Ron Paul's message is resonating. And how MSM are suppressing the real poll. The voice of American People. A whopping 88% chance RP will beat Obama but will mainstream media ever show us this exit poll again?


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Hey, It's a legitimate

Hey, It's a legitimate number!
It's the CNN exit poll showing 88% of those polled say Ron Paul could beat Obama.

As stated below

This is out of context. This was among those who voted for Ron Paul. There were polls for each candidate's voters.

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You need to put this in your safe.

You are right...we are likely to never see it again.

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Look at Perry's number

Perry's number is negative (-1%), which is physically impossible.

This is further evidence that 72% of all statistics are fabricated. ;-)

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That graphic is taken out of

That graphic is taken out of context. That meant that OF THE FOLKS THAT BELIEVE RP IS MOST LiKELY to WIN, he got 88%. I remember those statistics distinctly because it was so confusing. (Romney did less well tha RP among thosevwho thought he would win.)

Cos Cob, CT

it is out of context, but I thought it was...

...a poll of those who were voting for RP.

Either way, nothing important to see here. It doesn't mean 88% of all people voting in NH think RP is the best one to beat Obama (yet).

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