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February 14th MoneyBomb: Repeal the Valentine’s Day Massacre Of Liberty

How do I get this started? I think Love is a strong message and it is about a month out...plenty of time to push.
I envision an all encompassing effort to promote $10 per supporter. Every Little bit counts.
I met with two friends today saying they were happy I donated what I did but they were upset they couldn't really contribute, yet they proceeded to buy me $20 of drinks...
The message is not getting to the smallest of donors that we win this TOGETHER...even if it is $10 dollars at a time.
There are 500K ACTIVE facebook fans. 500K x $10 is $5 Million.
There are those of us who would obviously donate more.
Ron Paul put the LOVE in rEVOLution.
We all love Liberty.
We need a HUGE moneybomb to send Dr. Paul into Super Tuesday with momentum and money.

I need help. We need RPF and DP and Facebook to get this going. I can't make a webpage or anything but I can write the sales pitch(as outlined above).

I know this moneybomb isn't over but we know how these slowly fizzle out. We need to get moving on the next one, the one...TO WIN!!!

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Love of Liberty Moneybomb?

"...It wasn’t with a loving mood, however, with which the U.S. House of Representatives acted yesterday. The lower house of Congress voted, 275 to 144, to renew the most abusive measures of the Patriot Act spying law, without even any attempt at reform."

For the love of god

Can we have a money bomb the day after people get paid. I, like most people get paid on the last Friday of the month. A money bomb on the last saturday of the month would get a bigger donation from me and many more. When do you all get paid?

save the money from Jan 31st

It is proven that having a themed date improves the moneybomb dramatically...we just need to advertise it early enough so that people can plan ahead

Prove it then

What works is when I have money to give, and thats only at the end of the month.

Budget your Money

Follow the good Doc's advice