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Orlando Sentinel Hit Piece - Dr. Paul's Flight Expenses

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sns-bc-us--paul-travel,0,4836...

I can't get comments to work, but figured it should be in this vein...

"Clearly you don't expect Congressional members to foot the bill on their travels? They're doing the work of the people, of course their travel expenses should be afforded to them.

More importantly, what readers should take away from this is the following:

1. You highlighted all Congressional members fly first-class.
2. You downplayed the point that Dr. Paul returns a significant percentage of his annual Congressional budget to the treasury every year, and failed to mention he does not take part (opts-out) of the Congressional Pension program. He also has vowed to accept a Presidential salary of ~$39k/year if he were to be blessed with the Office of Presidency – the median salary of an American worker.
3. Your thesis is that since Dr. Paul doesn't "hunt" for the cheapest airfare, he is a hypocrite for calling out other Congressional members for taxpayer funded "all-expense-paid travel junkets." Yet your point clearly asserts that Dr. Paul is traveling from Washington to his home or Congressional district. I'd hardly call that a "junket."

You attempted to make this a smear/hit piece against Dr. Paul, but it's hollow.

Just another example of the terrible journalism being used to take down Ron Paul."

Spread the word/vote up. This is going to be, yet another, silly attack vector for the corporate media shills trying to take down the good Doctor's campaign.

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same crap, different crapper

I mean, newspaper: http://blog.chron.com/rickperry/2012/01/taxpayers-pay-for-ro...

I can't comment on it because I don't have a Facebook acct anymore & that's all they allow to comment.


Mitt owns Hannity and Rush as well as Beck, Goldman sachs owns Obama and MITT and they want to write about Paul flying first class, what do they want, for em to drive arund in a VW van

i tried to comment and was

i tried to comment and was blocked as well - same w 99% of anti RP stuff online