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Focusing on Nomination, Paul Plots a Backup Plan

[Moderator note: Title changed from "This Campaign Needs To STFU!"]

Why would a grassroots campaign tip their hand running against the most powerful force in America...The Federal Reserve?

Focusing on Nomination, Paul Plots a Backup Plan

“There are four big caucuses coming up, with twice as many delegates as Florida, that will cost a third as much money, and we are focused on those,” one Paul official said.


EDIT: 06:30 - The frustrating part for me is that these strategy comments from the campaign are numerous. They also come across as if the campaign has to either prove something or has to convince someone. Both are positions of weakness.
The best sports teams in the world don't share out of their playbooks with the media.

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How may campaigns have YOU won?

If you are going to criticize the campaign, you should know about what you are speaking. The biggest enemy of this campaign right now is the "perception of inevitability".
If you are asked by the media WHY you are not pursuing a particular prize, you better have a good answer. Otherwise, the media reports this as "weakness". Besides, how are they going to stop us. Romney's paid lackeys can't run as delegates. Even if that weren't illegal, that would destroy Romney's credibility faster than anything else.

The only reason I can surmise for not holding the cards close

to the vest is that they know the battle plan anyway, and by laying it bare to see, the public knows, is informed, is essentially invited to join in etc. Also once the cat is outta the bag, he's safe. It's secrets that result in people being silenced- not common knowledge. If it's all out in the open and something happens to him, they are the first people to be accused. Sometimes I think Ron Paul would be dead right now if he wasn't so transparent about his intentions. Even in his 70s, if he had an honest heart attack (God forbid), many people of all political stripes would wonder if he wasn't in fact assassinated.

Its called... setting expectations?

If you get 2nd or 3rd in something you half ass, then people take notice. If you go balls to the wall and get 2nd... people ALSO take notice.

Paul thinks he can take some caucus states. So that's what he's focusing on. A reasonably strategy if you ask me.

let me get this straight

Do you actually think that the most powerful people in the world don't see the battlefield of the next handful of states?

This comment should come as no surprise even to a newbie to the process. It's common sense, given Paul's support base and financial situation and the nature of the various state primary/caucus setups. Federal Reserve? Yeah, they know the game.

This would be the equivalent of Kobe Bryant saying "I'm going to focus on hitting my shots and trying not to turn the ball over".

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


I think Cuda is pissed because the campaign is exposing it's grasp of the battlefield conditions.
The opposition may know the lay of the land but that doesn't mean every campaign does.

When the Paul camp keeps boasting about their approach at minimum it disolves the element of surprise advantage.

Romney can't win without our vote.....

and he ain't getting it. I am sick of paying for a U-Haul to move crap in and out of the White House for the same pieces of garbage. If Ron doesn't win, then Obama can stay as far as I'm concerned. Then at least we saved that $400 bucks.

I'm with you!

Can't say it any better.


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It's a pleasure Daddy!

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