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The As*Ho*ecciated Press slanders Ron Paul

Paul Fights Washington Spending, Flies First Class

Monday, 16 Jan 2012 06:35 AM

WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has been spending large amounts on airfare as a congressman, flying first class on dozens of taxpayer-funded flights to his home state. The practice conflicts with the image that Paul portrays as the only presidential candidate serious about cutting federal spending.

Read more on Newsmax.com: Paul Fights Washington Spending, Flies First Class
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It is my humble suggestion, should any member of the media challenge you on "media bias," use this example and cite the source, the As*Ho*ecciated Press.

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Do you know the definition of slander?

I read it about an hour ago. What part of the story was false?

You are upset that they don't note that he returns money from his office every year. You are upset that they don't say he turns down his pension.

Omission is not slander unless they make the first claim untrue. Neither of those make his air travel purchases untrue.

So instead of running around calling them slanderous assholes (I'm sure they will get many an email like that) why not ask them why they haven't written about his returning money?

gedankenexperiment.dk views on finance, politics and science

Excellent points, except

slander is spoken, libel is in writing.

There's a whole lot of slander and libel going on in the MSM when it comes to RP but, hey... it's called Politics.

Hopefully, people are able to recognize it when they see or hear it.

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―Emmet Fox

How many other Congressmen return unspent office funds

to the Treasury?