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Ron Paul Highlights in South Carolina Debate - 1/16/2012

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It's crunch time in South Carolina. Five Republican presidential candidates will face off in a Palmetto State debate on Monday night, just five days before the first-in-the-South primary. South Carolina's primary is critical -- the Palmetto State's winner has been the eventual GOP nominee in every contested race since 1980. Fox News' Bret Baier will co-moderate the debate in Myrtle Beach.

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And Little Ricky seems to get

And Little Ricky seems to get a free press for his position on the Fed and Romney gets a free pass for NDAA.....or is Glenn actually addressing these issues. What a tool.

Glenn Beck

Again the key is not to listen to him or support him on all his media areas. It is that simple. Who cares what he is saying we all know the truth.

Newt is winning the Drudge poll.

This can not stand. You know what to do!

Faux News attacking right now...

Liz Cheney is warmongering and bashing Dr. Paul now. Huckabee was on doing the same thing 20 minutes before. They play these clips from last night to make him look bad and then slam him. F*** Fox News war mongers!!!

One more win last night!

Ron Paul shows us all that even though we can't quite find the way to say it, we know when something is right and when something is just plain wrong. That we can't find the perfect way to make the point, so that everyone gets it, doesn't make the idea wrong. That Ron Paul doesn't give up when most would; that we don't give up when most would, makes the idea right even when no one seems to be able to achieve perfection in articulating the message. What comes to mind, after this latest debate, is the old saying about losing a battle and winning the war. Wishful thinking? Maybe! I think the war is already won regardless of the outcome of this debate or the next or how people analyze all of them.

There is a saying that some here will recognize; "Bring the body and the mind will follow." One way I use that tool in this instance is that right after the debate I made a donation to Ron Paul. It was not a reward for a perfect job done, rather it was a way of saying it doesn't matter. I still believe in the idea and, perfect debate or not, some new supporters came on board last night after the debate.

Thank you for posting these

Thank you for posting these highlights. I think Dr. Paul handled that defense spending question very well. That was a perfect answer. I think this misunderstanding of the difference between defense spending and overseas military expansion is at the heart of why people are cautious about this foreign policy. We have been propagandized to think that all of this is part of defense. We are told that preemptive striking countries who haven't attacked us, and expanding military bases all around the word is part of national defense-- that we have to strike first in order to protect ourselves. This is the crux of the matter. In order to reach people we need to untangle this distinction.

Hey, it´s a new debate on CNN

Hey, it´s a new debate on CNN on Thursday :), don´t quit just because of one "not so good" debate by Ron, he tries his best and he needs our support.

Btw, did you guys hear the booooooing when Ron talked about following the Golden Rule? They actually booed that 0_0?! It is not wrong with Ron, it is these crowds that are too stupid.

Do your best Ron!

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.
Teach a man to phish and he'll clean out your bank account.

In spite of the sociopathic audience

He had a great night. He gave some of the best answers of any debate yet. He was assertive and didn't let the punk Bret Baier push him around. The boos simply illustrate that something is frighteningly wrong with that audience.

I still remember the first election I voted in, which was 2000. I was proud to vote for George Bush -because- he talked about a humble, restrained foreign policy. He didn't want to police the world (at least that's what he talked about). Now Republicans cheer when the candidates say "Kill Them!"

It was a great night for Ron Paul. It was a horrible night for the GOP.

Sprout's picture

Who picked the audience?

Since the debate was sponsored by Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and the SC Republican Party, I think they picked the audience to support their "endless foreign wars, endless drug wars, imprisoning American citizens without trial."


S.C. Sociopaths

I agree, that was a really scary crowd. At one point I even wondered if Fox was coaching or cheerleading.

Is it my imagination, or was Ron Paul separated from the others?

His podium seems to be in an unfortunate position, away from the others.

It could be the camera angle.

Whether is is the camera angle or the actual position of the podium, it has the same effect.

Think about this. These clowns know full well how to use a camera to make a subtle or not-so-subtle statement. I noticed during the boos, the camera became relatively active. Make no mistake: they know exactly what they are doing.

This could be the basis for a VIRAL YOUTUBE VIDEO if it is pointed out briefly and asks the question, "What don't they want you to think?" or, "What are they trying to hide?" or some other simple catchy question like that...

If you're a tar baby when feathers are flying...

Think outside the box

All such things are like a double-edged sword. By "isolating" the good doctor, they also send out the message that he is indeed in a league of his own, which is not bad for the... President ;o)

Doug Wead Had the Answer Right

"My point is that the one thing we should have been doing after 911 was hunt down Usama Bin Laden. Not building schools and roads in Afghanistan, not chasing WMDs in Iraq, not building a $1 Billion embassy the size of the Vatican there. We took our eyes off the prize and let Usama get away for 10 years, then we felt we needed to violate the sovereignty of another nation because they may or may not have been hiding him from us. If we had done things right, we wouldn’t have felt the need to do sloppy things that risk destabling entire nations. Yes, we needed to get Usama, we just should have done it sooner."


Military spending rates back to 2006 levels
and income tax rate back to 1913 levels! 0%!!!
I just wish he could have expounded on the unconstitutionality of income tax!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

It really is so great to see

It really is so great to see the passion and support for Ron Paul and getting angry when things happen!

Just remember this whole revolution has been built on a good message. What we see as a bad debate there are always these sound bites that Ron Paul explodes in.

"Golden Rule" is an epic win, in that one comment it shows the MADNESS of the war machine.

"ZERO" this is another huge sound bite.

Just watch these sound bites will overshadow the other stuff.

I believe with all my heart that the war issue will decide this election. When we get to Nevada, West, and South we are going to win this.

The American people are so discouraged with politicians to see Ron Paul up there standing his ground even though he is being boo'd only will convince that he is the one to trust!


It is debates like that....

which leave me want for the most despotic tyrant you can possibly imagine. And when the cheerleaders in the audience found themselves starving and frail my heart would weep as I relished in the virtue of knowing I fought like hell to prevent it all.


You have to go through hell to get to heaven.

Foreign Policy and BOOOOs

I think Ron Paul was ll over the place on foriegn policy though it is his strong point. I think Ron Paul needs to be advised clearly on this by either Rand or somebody in his campaign to eloquently explain his position. Osama Bin Ladan issue was not handled correctly by Dr.Paul during the debate. It is sometime frustrating to see all these "Chicken Hawks" take advantage as they probably are more talkers not doers unlike Ron Paul.

Good and Bad

He was great on his explanation of military vs. defense spending. He hammered that home. In fact, he made the point two or three times, which is good, because what seems a clear and simple concept to us apparently is difficult for many conservatives to grasp. 5 stars on that one!

The Bin Laden answer was a clinker, though. That's where he rambled and didn't end up anywhere that anyone could follow. And it was easy, in front of that audience, for his opponents to basically say, "To hell with asking permission or observing niceties. I'd do whatever it takes to kill someone who killed 3,000 Americans on our own soil." And they have a point. Ron does, too, but it was lost.

I'm actually saying this to defend Paul's overall performance on foreign policy, which, as you say, is his strong point. He was powerful and direct on military spending and on the readiness of the others to go to war on a whim. It's too bad the Bin Laden response detracted from this.

Wow! They actually

did Boo the golden rule. That was surreal.

I watched the whole debate

and the audience could hardly wait for the newt to finish to start applauding. The uncomfortable questions were booed. Clearly newt is being pushed forward by the debate organizers. I cannot believe newt supporters to be that active and enthusiastic.
As to Ron Paul, he started very strong, dropped the ball a bit on bin laden and finished strong. I would say an 8 out of 10 performance. His self admitted weakness is in the delivery.

Don't waste your time trying to be right, spend it trying to get better

I agree

I think he bought all their tickets.

That question from Bair and answer from Paul

I don't know if you guys watched what I watched, but I AM still a Ron Paul fan...even after how he did in this debate...that gotcha question from Bair was not a clear question to begin with. Still the way that Ron Paul answered it had VERY much to be desired. OMG guys he REALLY needs to be more prepared for that answer. His answer had me wincing through every excruciating moment of it. I can't believe you guys are watching that and not seeing it like that. It's not a surprise to me that he was booed on that question. The answer sounded so off kilter I couldn't believe that I want to vote for this candidate still. Looking at the rest of the GOP field though, I STILL don't see anyone better. This is one DISAPPOINTING field. The others just sound like the crap that I'm always hearing...PLEASE Ron Paul campaign supporters, get HIM prepared for that question and let him restate it on the trail...before the SC Primary.


Folks let's not forget that Romney was booed as well ...

Romney's answer on NDAA was frightening ... unequivocally supporting it. The crowd *REALLY* booed his support for it, and in my opinion I think that was his defining moment in the debate because NDAA is so frighteningly bad (Even Santorum stated it was bad in a round about sort of way) and most people are against it when presented with the facts on the law that when Romney flat out states he supports it like he did last night, I can guarantee you he lost votes over that answer. And then after Romney's bad answer where he got booed, Dr. Paul points out how bad NDAA is, and the crowd went wild. So my analysis is that the votes that Romney lost over that question were the votes that Ron Paul gained last night.


I agree, but I am really glad to see that the issue has finally got some air time. I'm not in the US at the moment and have not seen much information here on the subject...
Has it been getting any or much press coverage? There has been zero coverage here in Europe!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I love Dr. Paul

Last night was a staged show to try and knock out Dr. Paul, the audience was stacked, the Ron Paul haters were present, BUT I think Dr. Paul did great, I loved his answer about the negative ads, where it was difficult to get all of Santorum's bad record in the ad, Santorum, needs to be called out on his explaination of why he was listed as the most Corrupt Politician in DC, not get by with using the filmsy excuse that it is a compliment to be named corrupt by this group. Dr. Paul is such a good man and definately has the plan to help us, all he does is for us, the people, not to feed a power hungry ego that the others possess. Why anyone would pick such evil, dishonest person over the goodness of Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul is the man with the right plan, to help save our country. God Bless and strengthen Dr. Paul.


Second time I know of where Sanitarium tried to characterize Dr Paul with leftist organizations... While at the same time, dodging the issues that the adds raised!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


I posted here yesterday that Fox news would try to knock Ron Paul out of the campaign yesterday. Brett Behr tried it again this time with a gotcha question on Osama. Last time the same phrase "left of Obama on foreign policy."
You know this is going to happen. I dont undertand how the Ron Paul campaign did not prepare him in debate prep. Ron Paul does so well in interviews and speeches. But this debate he looked uncertain in answering the questions. I had Ron Paul supporters texting me that Ron Paul was shooting himself in the foot.
I dont blame the audience. They will boo with a set up question from Fox like that. The debates are NOT a forum to just remind voters why you are voting for Ron Paul. It does not matter what we think because we are already voting for Ron Paul. Debates are supposed to bring new voters to your side. I am frustrated that I dont think last night accomplished that. The headline on Politico today is "Paul takes drubbing at debate". I saw this coming.

While Ron's delivery hasn't

While Ron's delivery hasn't always been the best, just how is he responsible for the booing? That is his position. They didn't like his position. The only way he's going to get cheers is if he chants the neocon talking points. Seriously, what do you want him to do? I can't think of a single way to phrase the answer that would have got the crowd on his side. If the crowd thinks that the rules shouldn't apply to America... that we shouldn't treat other countries the same way they want to be treated... then they will boo Ron no matter he says.

Frankly, the booing speaks volumes of their brainwashing. You ask too much of Ron. You are asking him to say something in 60 seconds that will reverse decades of media/government/education indoctrination. This is impossible.

That is the problem with this whole thing. The crowd just isn't thinking. It's hard to convince anyone of anything if they refuse to engage their faculty of reason.

You can't blame ron for this. It's not Ron's job to force them to think, or to do the thinking for them. That is impossible. They have to choose to think on their own. Every human being must choose this. Today, most choose not to. There's nothing Ron can do about that.

In the debate, Paul needs to bring a human face....

...to the death abroad and the reason why 911 occurred. Neo-cons want revenge and believe there was no blowback for US murder of innocents.

When the cry "3000 of our people were killed by OBL and we deserve to get retribution" is raised one response by Paul should be "Yes, 911 was a crime and a tragedy. But don't dishonor the memory of those who died that day by hiding why it happened. We have killed many times that number before 911 overseas. For example.....Are not these mothers, fathers, sons, daughters killed as part of out foreign policy worthy of life? 911 attackers also wanted retribution."