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Ron Paul Highlights in South Carolina Debate - 1/16/2012

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It's crunch time in South Carolina. Five Republican presidential candidates will face off in a Palmetto State debate on Monday night, just five days before the first-in-the-South primary. South Carolina's primary is critical -- the Palmetto State's winner has been the eventual GOP nominee in every contested race since 1980. Fox News' Bret Baier will co-moderate the debate in Myrtle Beach.

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I think we can all agree here...

that if they just dimmed the light for the rest of the debate it would work for us

The True Measure of a Man

The true measure of a Man is if he can stand tall and speak the truth regardless if it is popular or not. Paul was right and he stood his ground regardless of the knee jerk war mongering uproar. He is fearless and speaks truth even when it's unpopular. That's how you know you can believe him.

Are we a nation of no trials and government sanctioned assassinations? Or are we better than that? In WWII we were better than that.

Torture, assassinations, imprisonment without trial, big brother monitoring without warrants, Please! I don't want to know what's next!

For all of our sakes....Ron Paul better be "next". We need him desperately!

And Romney's support of NDAA should be a deal breaker for everyone who understands the bill. He may have just got Paul a bunch of votes tonight with that.

Some points that he should drill home with the voters.

Ron Paul always talks about closing the bases overseas and opening up new ones here. It is important to point out what seems elude most voters the costs and benefits.
1) A portion of the money given to the GIs would be spent locally instead of GIs stimulating Australia's locally economy it would be spent at our local businesses like the local diner or to buy a car. So money already going out would have a double impact.
1a) Strengthening our National defense
1b) Stimulus on local business while spending less.
1c) Cheaper to supply Military supplies locally do not have to ship supplies half way around the world.

The good Dr.

expects people to think on their own. That is a mistake.
5% of the people can not think.
5% can think and do think
90% can think but do not think.
But with the limited amount of time in a debate he does not have the time to explain everything in detail. So it is up to us to try and educate people. Expect nothing from the MSM.

single best RP debate

single best RP debate performance so far, at least since 08. someone should send Juan Williams a gift basket for that question about racial disparities in the drug war.

I may get some...

down votes but my shield is up. Ron Paul did great but not excellent.

Captain, your shield is down by 20%!

As I was saying...the only issue that made his performance not excellent was his answer in regards to going after Osama.

He should have first corrected Brett by informing him that he wasn't against killing Osama but the method that it was conducted. That he wanted Osama captured/killed right after 911. That the military not working with Pakistan trying to capture the most highly wanted man for further interrogation was not carried out properly. That the idea of following the rule of law is more conservative than liberal, thus Paul does not fall to the left of Obama as Brett suggested. Rambling on about the golden rule, Iraq, Iran was completely unnecessarily.

Captain, your shield is down by 50%! One more hit and you may have to use the back up generator!

On a positive note, I loved the tweeter segment! It was awesome. That means despite it all, Ron Paul still did great.

We made it Mr. La Forge. Go to impulse power I'll be at my ready room drinking some herbal tea and staring at Ron Paul star.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

Sorry but your shuttle was destroyed in space

while you slept dreaming you captained the enterprise.

He stated all of that.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Fox News

The most BIASED no news garbage in America should be shut down!

I hate them..

Watch "Outfoxed" and you'll see how biased. But they're not the only problem unfortunately, all the media is. Soledad O Brien was awful last week. Dana Bash has not been good (see YouTube) . You saw how Jon Stewart pointed out the Laurence O Donnell nonsense, Keith Olbermann called Ron racist for the anti-Huntsman ad that Ron had NOTHING to do with WHATSOEVER, and when it was pointed out that he DENOUNCED IT, Keith called him "Granpy" and said "too late". They're all just plain awful- almost like they're scared he could actually beat Obama.

Santorum and Romney:

I, I, I, (Bo-ring.) Ron Paul: I-deas
Rick S: Awnser the question. Obamney: I'll awnser in the order that I want to" Rick S: It's my time so awnswer it now! Perry: It's the state's rights! As the crowd goes wild! Liberty's Rising!!! and Tonight Romney got it handed to him!

Remember guys

there will be a CNN Debate still, and Blitzer/King aren't the lying deceitful D-bags the Fox moderators are...they're lying and D-bags, but not quite as deceitful.


Spitting on the Golden Rule ?

I like Ron Paul except for his foriegn policy + I Like Jesus except for his treatment of others! I may have to go get a poster made and stand out in front of chruches on Sunday mornings. God is good! Long live the Golden Rule! Check it out on Google Images: "Ron Paul Jesus"

The Dick Morris

In the post-debate spin room, former Clinton BFF Dick the Dick Morris said that Ron Paul decisively lost the interchange with Gingrich over the rule of law vs. killing America's enemies.

Do we need to blow up his inbox?

Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. -Ron Paul 7/10/03

Let them hear us

loud and clear: If we destroy the rule of law, especially the Bill of Rights, we then become the enemy!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

In a word

YES! But don't do it while he's blowing off a hooker or two!

For The Power of The Republic!

Hes getting better

I like the way he said "I need a minute" like he was in control!
Very presidential.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/youownyou (quotes)
Website: http://www.own-yourself.com

stacked audience

what else is new. This is just another sign of desperation, I think they are very afraid, and to stack an audience that boos Dr Paul gives the illusion at least that he is wrong, and that many people still do not support his views. Please don't fall for it. We are the majority, all else is smoke and mirrors brainwashing.

The establishment is

The establishment is definitely afraid. When people are afraid they do all kinds of nasty, horrible things. But right will win and Dr. Paul is right.

Booing the golden rule is

Booing the golden rule is pretty sad...

So much

For South Carolina being a conservative state. And I have my north east region to blame as they move from here to there and bring whatever globalist elite tendencies they have with them. Not to mention of course the schools system in this country is a disgrace for not really teaching the Constitution.

For The Power of The Republic!

Golden Rule

That audience couldn't possibly be representative of South Carolina voters. Don't they teach the Golden Rule in Sunday school? Isn't the population of SC mostly Baptist Christians? Don't they teach Christian kindness and humility in church? Who were those people? What would Jesus do?

Possible answer: They go to church on Sunday, where they pray that God have mercy on their souls because the rest of the week those inbred bastards work hard at bomb factories that can annihilate all of mankind. Hey, it's ok as long as it puts chitlins on the table. Amen!


Can You Imagine Adults BOOing the Golden Rule? UGLY

Most Americans were cringing. Sick. Ron got thru on Military vs Defense. We are winning on closing the Dept of Ed, states rights. He laid the groundwork of ZERO income tax, which the media is laughing at. Their ignorance is showing! Just wait: we'll be back to clarify that. I did some reasearch on zero income tax cause I couldn't figure out how that works. Well, for starters highways are to be paid for thru the gas tax. We borrow our own money from the fed reserve. ALL OF OUR TAXES go to pay interest on the debt! All those beautiful state capitols were built w/o fed income tax. 1913= wars, depression, taxes, debt. By the way, Obomney is crying on Faux about the ads. Another FAVORITE Line: Brett B: "You have 30 SECONDS." Ron Paul "I JUST NEED A MINUTE" Clever.. They got it! HA!
Just think: You can't unring the liberty bell!


Let them boo, we all know he's right. The war mongers think war is a football game and that Paul is rooting for "the other team". That's how stupid they are.

Ron is doing EXACTLY what he needed to do and he NAILED THEM when he said - we're for spending less domestically because we're conservatives, never understood why that doesn't apply to militarism.


Fox News

The Talking Heads were out in full force. If they keep up the bias against Ron Paul and the favoritism towards all the others, it'll be to their own demise. Americans hate cheaters and liars. Fox may have scored a win for the crony capitalist establishment by disregarding Ron Paul tonight, but I bet that it will cause more Americans to wake up. Our numbers will continue to grow after tonight's debate, the rest of the field and Fox, not so much!


Wait, wait, wait a minute.

"These Twitter polls are not scientific... they are people voting for their favorite candidates... (reaches for earpiece) sometimes..."

What a douche.


"And other times...

... they are good measure of what's being said."



Headed to RP Vegas Vacation -

Headed to RP Vegas Vacation - Need to study up. DP'ers can you help w/ links?


Once again

fox news solidifies itself as the propaganda machine it truly is. I would like to see Judge Napalitano sitting in one of those seats and ask the question, what is the purpose of government? Only one person on stage would be able to answer that question correctly. The heartbreaking reality is, the dumbed down masses are clueless to what the answer to that question should be. It was painfully obvious that the populous has embraced its enslavement by the lack of applause after Ron Paul called for us to return to 0% tax. Accordingly, Frank Luntz, a pollster, reported to Sean Hannity, that those being polled responded negatively to the idea.

I, like many others here, would like to believe that the audience was hand picked, unfortunately, I don't think that is the case. Election after election, the same issues are debated and the same sound bytes are repeated, and the general public eats it up. People like to vote, and feel like they are making a difference. In that one short moment,the voter feels as if they have some sort of real power to change their own unique circumstance. The problem
is that a large portion of voters, vote, based on what they feel a certain candidate can do for them personally.

The people of this nation have not seen what a true constitutional De jure government looks like. The thought of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is mortifying to those that have relied on the government to provide for them. On the other hand, for those of us that know the difference, the thought of freedom is terrifying if it is defined by a De facto government backed by an uninformed populous, thanks largely in part, to the MSM.


to witness this honorable statesman upholding our faith in him, and the values not a single one of the "hosts" or audience seemed supportive of. I hope the good doctor finds consolation in that, because there wasn't a whole lot else to be had in this pack hunt. I imagine for those new to this gentleman with the eyes to see, a strong impression was made tonight. For those without, they need more work from us.