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Ron Paul Highlights in South Carolina Debate - 1/16/2012

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It's crunch time in South Carolina. Five Republican presidential candidates will face off in a Palmetto State debate on Monday night, just five days before the first-in-the-South primary. South Carolina's primary is critical -- the Palmetto State's winner has been the eventual GOP nominee in every contested race since 1980. Fox News' Bret Baier will co-moderate the debate in Myrtle Beach.

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Fox News Live Stream: http://live.foxnews.com/

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No timekeeping? What a joke.

They let some candidates speak for almost 2 minutes and then let others have only 30 second rebuttals. WTF? No balance of time whatsoever. The moderators were just, like
"OK, we'll just keep time in our heads, 1...2...3...4...etc." Where was the authority over these candidates? Especially Mittens who thinks he can talk as long as he wants to.

Listen, everyone, Ron Paul has said before that he is his biggest critic on how he delivers his message sometimes, saying he always tries to improve on his clarity and pronunciate better so his message can be clearer to others. He's does not speak in sound bites, usually diving into great detail, resulting in long answers on the issues, especially when it comes to foreign & monetary policy.

Here's the thing: Ron Paul may not be the best speaker on the debate stage and he may not be well-groomed like Mittens or The Ricks and he sure as hell isn't as gluttonous as Newt, BUT one thing he does have is a message. One that does not need a teleprompter, sound bites, talking points or advisers who constantly have to keep him from making gaffes. The other candidates have superficiality. Ron Paul is real. I shook his hand and I told him that, "Dr. Paul you're the real deal," I said.

Dr. Paul is a one man wrecking crew who will put Robot Romney in his place when the time comes for it to be just the two of them on stage.

Side note: I worked the phone bank at RP's Iowa HQ the day after Christmas. I made around 300 calls in about a three hours. I asked one voter, "Would you be inclined into supporting Ron Paul for President?" His response, "No. He's not pro-war."


"The dismal course of the conflict, dragging on from one decade to the next and from one deadlock to the next, seems to me an object lesson on the dangers and disasters which can arise when men of narrow hearts and little minds are in high places."

-C. V. Wedgwood

The fire rises.

He is not pro war

People who talk like that have never been to war, just like Romney has not been to war. He found away to dodge Vietnam as did Newt. Most of us did not get a chance to dodge Vietnam. We did not have money or friends in high places. We know about war and what it does to a person, they do not so they become war mongers. Romney says if elected he will declare war on Iran. Just for conversations sake lets say Iran does have nuke capability. Where is it located? Right in the middle of the most populated towns. So Romney my boy how will you take that our without killing a few thousand Iranian people. You don't believe in Blowback then try that and see if you believe in it. That will start WWIII as sure as God made little green apples. RP is right on this. We need to get out of the Middle East before it is to late.

I agree

I was really taken back when I heard that response. I wanted to say, "Do you have anyone in your family overseas right now? No? Oh, well that figures."

The military-industrial complex has infiltrated our government. The neo-cons have tried to make the case that we must fight evil abroad while making sums of money from it. There is a special place in hell for people like that, along with five-term Senators.

The fire rises.

Actually, I prefer Dr. Paul's

Actually, I prefer Dr. Paul's grooming to that of mittens. I have worked with people like Mitt before and they make me want to puke (literally). Looking at Mitt tonight I kept wondering if his make-up was going to run when the heat got turned on. In fact, I thought he looked like he wanted to cry when Santorum smacked him.

But Dr. Paul has class, style, honesty, integrity and a message people want to hear. His message is REAL and if people are ready to receive it (and I think most are) he is better off being REAL himself.

If I lost a few fingers I would still be able to count the number of people I have admired in my lifetime. Dr. Paul is one of them.


Mittens looks like he was made in a factory.

And he is fooling no one when it comes to dying his hair.

You're right. When they were in Iowa I went to two RP rallies and one of Mittens. Romney may have some style that appeals to people ( I don't see it ) because of his picture-perfect persona, you know, married man for 40+ years, 5 boys-neither of which has served in the military btw-but he doesn't have one ounce of the character that RP has.

He will lose to Obama. The game is rigged. If he doesn't, Mitt will be Obama-Lite.

The fire rises.

Ron Did Fantastic!

I missed the live debate because I had to work tonight so I watched it when I got back home here and I think he did fantastic. He did seem to be a tad bit nervous durring the questioning of bin laden and that kinda rattled his cage abit but for the most part he did quite well. My cousin lives in SC in Mertle Beach and he told me that after the debate, people are wondering what the hell the golden rule means? lol.

Now for the best part of this story, My cousin supported Newt Gingrich until tonights debate! When he called me on the phone he told me that Ron Paul gained his support and Ron Paul has a huge support base in SC, regardless of what the media is reporting. In my heart, we have already won! The seeds of liberty have been planted so regardless of a Ron Paul victory or loss, a young generation is coming with the message of Liberty, Prosperity and Peace in their minds. That my friends is the Idea.

Sometimes it's better to play by the rules to gain position that would enable you to restore the rules that have been broken!

I just watched this

I cannot believe the audacity of Santorum actually attacking Ron on second amendment issues. I wish Ron would have plugged in GOA right there and touted his A + rating with the only no compromise gun lobby in Washington.

GREAT VIDEO (keep reading)

On the Twitter results!! Find it at www.ronpaulflix.com

Awesome video, and the anchor totally blasted the guy that was trying to downplay Paul's success!
Make it go VIRAL!!!

Here's the video


This video is Front Page

This video is Front Page stuff.

You should posted it as a separate post that more DPers could see it.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

The woman commentator

forced her colleague who was skewing the presentation to acknowledge Dr Paul results in their twitter survey.

"John, can I stop you right there...Ron Paul didn't just do well, he did the best" .

What's her name? We should email to thank her. This is great.

Thanks for posting.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

ytc's picture

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for continuing to give your BEST to

bring our nation to senses!

The Golden Rule, rule of law, trust in people's ability to use God-given liberty more judiciously than power-hungry elites / federal gov. . . YOU are the ONLY one talking about these most important aspects of our lives and civilization on the stage.

We are so very fortunate that you are engaging us in these debates, even while marginalized by LSM: we promise to redouble our darn best to get the Liberty messages out in our own little ways, Dr. Paul!

What's with all the negative

What's with all the negative comments?

I missed the debate but watching the highlights I only heard two spots with any booing, and the rest had very enthusiastic cheering.

I'm shocked at the boos for the golden rule, but all of his other foreign policy questions had more cheering than I would have expected.

I think it is because when

I think it is because when watching the full debate it was disgustingly clear how much crazy applause was going for Newt!!!! Yes, Newt was scoring applause big time by the bloodthirsty zombie audience!!! Any applause RP got seemed miniscule in comparison...it was disheartening. But later when I watched the highlights all is well.

What was difficult to watch

for me, viewing the live feed was the sense of "game show" behavior of the crowd that built to almost a lust for conflict when the other candidates were speaking. The crowd loved the parlay of one-upmanship, the more snarky the better? That's not Dr. Paul's style. And I don't want him to take on that style.

My only suggestion is to remain even more calm, more centered, and continue to speak with passion and compassion.

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for continuing to bravely fight on! And congratulations on receiving the endorsements!

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan


If they want a "moderate" who stands for war and socialized medicine, they might as well stick with the moderate, warmongering socialist they already have.

Yeah, and the boos don't even

Yeah, and the boos don't even mean Ron Paul did something wrong either. I mean, I'm shocked so many people boo'd that. I'm not going to suggest that crowd is stacked, but if they really don't want to hear that bit about the golden rule, and I really have to question the people that live amongst us.

That was rough to watch

Tough crowd, blood thirsty war mongers, plus RP was not on his best game, and it is so obvious that the deck is stacked against him.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"


i hate to be sayin it....

and you KNOW i hate be'n a downer.......

but people in this country F*CKING BLOW.

and i'm an optimist - i swear to you i am.

i thought bob marley was right and that every little thing is actually going to BE alright.....

dude.......like others here - i'm not religious - but i do live the golden rule to the best of my ability.

and to hear people booing the golden rule makes me want to turn into mother freakin Akira and let some peeps have it good.

ah......but there's the golden rule staring at me.
truly, and i say this with conviction......

god bless.

I know what you mean

We just want our Constitutional rights we were supposed to be born with. Than those people would not matter. They could have their stupid opinions, but not stomp on our rights.

That is what we are fighting for. Do not give up. I cannot give up. For some reason, even though I am reaching an age when it does not even matter to me personally anymore, I cannot give up the fight for liberty.

Don't sweat it

That venue seats not even 800 people. That's less than even the smallest "poll" they take in election season. All you have to do is cherry pick 1/4 of that to create an illusion.

You have to know people at home were sitting wondering why a crowd was booing the golden rule.

All this does is energize his base. This is a marathon and we have to go the distance. It WILL be rocky. We know they aren't just going to hand over power to the people because we ask for it.

Right on

Ron Paul did awesome. Whoever boos the Golden Rule has lost all credit.

Hey GOP, where's my vote?


I have re-listened to all of Dr. Paul's responses and just like all of his debates he sounds much stronger the second/third time around ... he was really good tonight with what was thrown at him and he was all of a true and honorable statesman in the spirit of MLK tonight ... I love you Ron!

When people boo the Golden

When people boo the Golden Rule, there are many in the party who feel ostracized. Trust me, the GOP establishment was not happy about this moment. Dr. Paul has just set himself apart from the barbarians.

Things have been getting better

Sometimes I get so tired. Like Ron Paul, I have been fighting this "war" against our government since the 1970's. When I was younger, I thought we would win. We did get rid of the draft, and Viet Nam. Then the IRS came in with full force. I will not get into that in detail, but those that opposed Nixon got to deal with them.

Watch out, that is the establishment's secret weapon.

Just an FYI

Keep fighting though. That is all those that love liberty can do, we cannot give up the fight.

Hes off the charts


Thanks for the link to the full report. I was wondering why would they stop after showing Newt's aggregate numbers. So much for objective journalism.

I watched the debate tonight

I watched the debate tonight with my 79 year old grandmother (she was born in Chicago, raised in Iowa, joined the Army in 1950, has lived in Louisiana since 1973) and we saw some of these Twitter results on TV, but not the entirety of what is shown on YouTube in the link you provided. Was this something that was aired separately or was it edited? We tried to suffer through the Hannity afterbirth that follows these Fox debates. I wonder, is Twitter irrelevant or disqualified if Ron Paul has come in at first place according to the results? Isn't that what was implied if not outright declared about the Iowa Caucuses had Ron Paul came in at first place in Iowa?

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual

If we don't learnfrom history thenweare condemned to repeat it!!

"You see, the danger to America is not a single politician with ill intent. Or even a group of them. The most dangerous thing that any Nation faces is a citizenry capable of trusting a liar to lead them! In the long run it is much easier to undo the policies of a crooked leadership than to restore common sense and wisdom to a deceived population willing to elect such a leader in the first place. Any country can survive having chosen a fool as their leader. But history has shown time and again that a nation of fools is surely doomed!!!" Andy Andrews

The endless and bizarre debates

With all that's holy about democracy, the MSM outlets which sponsor these forums should publish how audience tickets are apportioned - especially when cheering is happening.

This audience seemed to consist of a good number of Fox News pundit true believers.

Ron Paul got out his message of peace and a changed foreign policy, which is the only message that can get him elected, considering the forces arrayed against him.