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Ron Paul Highlights in South Carolina Debate - 1/16/2012

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It's crunch time in South Carolina. Five Republican presidential candidates will face off in a Palmetto State debate on Monday night, just five days before the first-in-the-South primary. South Carolina's primary is critical -- the Palmetto State's winner has been the eventual GOP nominee in every contested race since 1980. Fox News' Bret Baier will co-moderate the debate in Myrtle Beach.

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Considering the forces arrayed against him.

Last money bomb just over $1 million dollars. Most donations are $25-$50. That means only 30,000-40,000 gave anything at all. How can we expect to over come the forces aka main stream media if we are not willing to give. We have to plaster the airways with adds and that takes a ton of money. I give to every money bomb, $50-$100 and I'm on a fixed income. I just do without a tank of gas that week and stay home. RP and his campaign staff have to beg for every last dime they get. This is not right. He is willing to go out and fight for him but when it comes to money most of us duck out. The good Dr. has to over come the MSM and in order to do that he needs donations. If all his supporters would give just $5 he could completely bury Romney. A very small price to pay for freedom.

Round of applause to all those on twitter!

Well done! Those twitter graphs were off the charts for Ron Paul. Way to go ladies and gentlemen. Give yourselves a pat on the back for being super motivated...and in my mind...correct.

Dr. Paul has the prescription for ails America!

Looks like Dr. Paul was on his Liberty Game tonight during the 'debates based on these clips Dr. Paul, your bringing back inspiration one debate at a time. Thank you for standing so consistent for so many years.

Here's a song I wrote for you:
"We Want Ron Paul" http://youtu.be/G9wigCYMOQg

With Ivory Soul,
May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul

Debate poll on Drudge

Dr. Paul is in the top spot with Newt in second.

Go VOTE for your President !

Tin Pan

Osama Bin Laden

I wonder why he slipped up on Osama Bin Laden?

If it is true that he was not behind 9/11, then voting to go after him violated basic international law.

There needed to be a full investigation of WT7.

KSM was more dangerous than Osama

No need to go there. KSM planned 9/11 not Osama. But we had Pakistan arrest him. KSM was a far more dangerous individual.

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This was Dr. Paul's worse

This was Dr. Paul's worse debate. Most of them have been pretty good, but you could see he was tired and wondering from topic to topic too much for the averaged misinformed. It was an overload to them, and all they heard was what Fix wanted to box Dr. Paul into for foreign policy.

He started off fine on the international law question, but then started to ramble on and on. You say I was all for getting Bin Laden, but there is a process all nations have to follow to launch an attack within another sovereign country. We have to at least let them know, if not ask for permission. How would we like it if China just bombed an area to get someone they wanted? His Chinese dissident comment was probably the worst of all. Most peoplem rightfully equate that with someone who wants freedom and would say China has no right coming after them.

Also, he needs to remember his audience. Bringing up how our "evil" allies like Iraq, the Taliban or Al-Qaeda itself eventually all turned around and bit us in the ass was fine. It warns folks we need to be careful who we get involved in. But when he tries to explain the difference between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in 20 seconds, when there has been tons of propaganda and most Americans can't even find Afghanistan on a map, it was a bad move.

It was telling no one really tried to go after Dr. Paul in a significant way. Santorium said nothing. That basically says they thought Dr. Paul did awful.

Dr. Paul needs to get some rest, recharge those batteries and go to only debates in the next two weeks. These are the places where we reach the most people and can draw the differences between the Dr. and these fascists candidates.

It is incredibly

It is incredibly disheartening that a group of south Carolina conservatives, who are predominantly Christian, would outwardly boo dr pauls suggestion to follow the golden rule in our foreign affairs. That should be a huge wake up call to anyone on the fence about the direction of the GOP. My god, dr paul has balls the size of church bells for going to these mock debates that are not so cleverly designed to entrap him and discredit his entire candidacy.

boo the golden rule

and you will be held to account. Bold hypocrisy. But Ron Paul has been booed by an audience before only to be cheered on by a nation.

I guess Newt's super PAC...

bought him a corrupt audience all by themselves since he isn't allowed to talk to them directly. wink, wink.

Twitter part of the clip is priceless!

RON WON this hands down!
LOVE watching FOX Squirm!

It is not how well RP did or

It is not how well RP did or did not do in this debate. What was frightening was the crowd. Thank goodness for like-minded people on the Daily Paul. I guess the statement is true - it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority. I feel for Paul over all the years he has had to endure this. In a recent interview he said they used to laugh at him. What a beautiful man, sorry the populace can’t see it. We need to keep spreading the word to our family and friends. Love you Dr Paul – thanks for doing what we haven’t done in a hundred years - protect our liberty.

Wow... Awesome

I thought Dr. Paul came out swinging for the bleachers and at the very least got to third base! If he didn't quite get it over the fence. Of course, I'd say he hit a home run.

I really thought that he answered gotcha questions that came his way with... gotcha back answers! Awesome.

And after this debate it would be really hard for me to see how anyone else could not see, his deep knowledge, understanding, and insight on the issues, with solutions that bring rousing applause.

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

I'm someone who has thought

I'm someone who has thought Dr. Paul did pretty well for the most part in previous debates. This was by far his worst and it came down to the wars/foreign policy questions. He was rambling on and changing subjects. It was pretty telling most of the candidates really didn't go after Dr. Paul because he basically hung himself. Explaining the difference between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in 20 seconds, when most Americans can't even find the region on the map, was ill-advised. The Chinese dissident comment was awful.

Dr. Paul started off fine to the international law question, but then wondered off. He should say I was for getting Bin Laden, but there is a process to go about when taking intervention in another country. You have to let them know at least and really get permission. We just don't go into a sovereign country and carry out a military operation.

Short and sweet. Honestly, the performance was probably do to Ron Paul being tired from the process. I'd skip Florida, other than the debates, get some rest and get recharged. You watch the most people with the debates. He needs to hit these out of the park and show why the other candidates are total crap.

There's an annual

There's an annual Congressional Baseball Game: Rep. Ron Paul of Texas was on the Republican team in the 1980s and is "the only congressman to have hit a home run over the fence in the game’s 50-year history."

It's so amazing to me that

It's so amazing to me that after EVERY debate people swarm the message board and proclaim "This is horrible! Worst debate performance yet!"

Literally every debate this happens. It's as if people don't understand what this is all about. We already know that he will get ignored in the debates, we know he will get questions that are worded so specifically to make his answer appear negative no matter what he says. And yet, he knocks them out of the park. Could he have answer the Bin Laden question more clearly? Sure. But to be so negative about the whole performance because of this is preposterous.

-He answered the tax question perfectly. He was the only one who was against an income tax.

-He stuck up for himself when he mentioned that he deserved an answer on the NDA act. He then proceeded to hit that one out of the park and had cold hard facts about how our court system has taken care of the 360+ arrests related to terrorism and the judicial system has tried and jailed 230+

-His answer on militarism vs. defense was amazing. He finally mentioned his military donations and the crowd went wild! Not only that but he once again STOOD UP FOR HIMSELF by challenging the questioner about not understanding his position on this issue several times. This was great because it extended his answer and he was able to get more facts in.

-His answer to negative campaign ads was great. Went after Santorum on key issues like right to work that he voted against. He answered it so perfectly that Romney went back to it to point out how bad Santorum really is (BTW: if you just watched the RP highlights you clearly would have missed Romney reference one of Ron Pauls ad against Santorum).

-His answer on the drug war/disproportionate jailing of minorities was excellent and it was a softball because Juan knew Ron has made the drug war a major campaign issue that he's brought up in several debates. He had actual facts about the # of minorities that have been taken advantage of.

I don't get what all of this negativity is in response to? My God wake up people it wasn't bad!! Look at the positive.

EDIT: Not to mention he got the most positive action on Twitter during the debate! Relax everyone.

It's incredibly hard what he

It's incredibly hard what he does. He doesn't use talking points or speak in safe sound bites. He relates history and real policy without a script.

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"STOOD UP FOR HIMSELF by challenging the questioner about not understanding his position on this issue several times."

That questioner was a dead ringer for Bernanke. And Paul is used to smacking him around.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt

I totally agree

I was refreshing this page when I wasn't watching the debate and was freaking out cuz everyone was just balls to the wall angry. Then I saw the highlights and I was surprised how upset everyone was.

Granted I didnt watch whole thing so that certainly has something to do with it.

That said I thought he gave really good answers overall, didn't let the moderators bully him, and stood up for his beliefs in that hostile environment. He also took more time to answer his questions; and while a few times he rambled a little bit, he still always ended his answers strong and with authority.

Speaking of the crowd, I was underwhelmed with their boos, I figured they would have been much worse than that. He got more cheers than boos overall.

So, thanks everyone for helping me set my expectations really low; I ended up thinking he did great!

I agree. Remember the last

I agree. Remember the last debate before Iowa when Ron and Bachmann went at it over Iran and everyone thought he lost most of his support, but then his poll numbers went way up. The audience's reaction is not a good way to judge the response to his answers. It sounded like everyone was booing Romney on the NDAA question, but I'm sure it was only the Ron Paul people who did. I'm 100% sure that there were thoughtful people watching this debate who said, "Wait a minute, following the Golden Rule sounds pretty reasonable to me..."


Twitter responses were Pauled !!
thankfully they didnt take Paul out of those stats !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

RP - Just give him the ball :)

Has alot of Guts !!

More than all those other klowns up there put together imo.

I cannot believe people have strayed so far off. Oh well, only time will tell.

cheers to all !!


Polls anyone...!?

Polls anyone...!?

What I saw...

and heard was Paul giving the people straight clear cut answers and not dancing around questions.He did well over all just needed to be more calm.I only heard him jump off his talking point a couple of times.Over all he had a good showing.

Majority of Debate Crowd from Conservative Tea Party Convention

Reuters is reporting that the majority of the Crowd in Attendance at the Debate Tonight were from the Tea Party Convention going on at the same time in Myrtle Beach.

Reuters used the term "Conservative Tea Party Members..."

I guess "Conservative Tea Party Members" favor War over Liberty and the Constitution.

No wonder Ron was booed so much!!!

Patriots strike back at the Big Brother machine

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

after watching the highlight reel

i give Dr Paul an A.

the full live debate gets a D.
Romney gets an F for his ndaa answer. perry gets a d for his staged gong remark. santorum gets almost gets a D for his inconsistent confusing anti states rights 2nd amendment stance but his ndaa answer brings him up form a D to a C. former marijuana user newt Gingrich wants to execute people the second time they are arrested with under 2 ounces of marijuana.

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