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Ron Paul Highlights in South Carolina Debate - 1/16/2012

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It's crunch time in South Carolina. Five Republican presidential candidates will face off in a Palmetto State debate on Monday night, just five days before the first-in-the-South primary. South Carolina's primary is critical -- the Palmetto State's winner has been the eventual GOP nominee in every contested race since 1980. Fox News' Bret Baier will co-moderate the debate in Myrtle Beach.

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just watching again

and the audience booed Mitt when they said he was born in Mexico, who are these people? scary stuff.

Booing the Golden Rule?

The reaction of the crowd at the debate is an obvious insult to Christianity.

Perhaps 120,000 dead Iraqis isn't good enough reason to stop the wars?

Since when "Love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst." means "Bomb the heck out of civilian people?"

The golden rule is more accurately called...

The royal law. If you obey the royal law, you shall love your neighbor as yourself, you do well. And it applies on foreign policy 100%. God is no respecter of persons. He doesn't receive the face of a man. You are to love persons of every nation, rich and poor, without distinction.

Here is a question for the warmongers on stage tonight, "If you had close family members, your mother, father, wife, sister, and brother in a foreign country like Iran, would you still be so quick to call for preemptive strikes?"

Blessed are the peacemakers. Peacemakers love peace. What then are those who love war?

Psalm 120:7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.

I am not religious..

but treat others with the same respect as you would like them to treat you. Religious or not it is JUST COMMON SENSE!

My thoughts, stated honestly.

Okay, I watched the full debate. First observation: Ron Paul was pushed out to the fringes again. Typical media bias. He also got very few opportunities to speak, as expected.

I thought he started off very well. His answer contrasting overseas spending with national defense was awesome and long overdue. He looked strong.

Ron's comments about the judicial system and drug war were straightforward and accurate. Did you notice the dead silence? These people are okay with caging black people for victimless crimes. Later, they cheered ghoulishly at every expression of bloodlust (Kill! Kill!).

Things went downhill when the debate turned to foreign policy. The fact is, Ron needlessly created this problem for himself with his comments when Bin Laden was killed. 9/11 is a very touchy subject for emotionally-driven Americans and caution was in order. I agree with him on the principle, but he worded it in such a way as to invite his unscrupulous opponents to paint him as weak or sympathetic to America's enemies. They (specifically Brett Baier) took that opportunity tonight. Ron was put on the defensive and his answer was all over the map.

This is why debate prep is essential. Romney is able to deflect what should be devastating attacks because he has practiced. There aren't many attacks for others to use against Ron Paul. He should just prep for those few, predictable attacks so his answers come off smoothly.

When the discussion turned to the NDAA, Ron gave a decent answer. From an emotional standpoint, I wish he would take a stronger line and go on the offensive against the imposition of a police state in America. Don't beg them to stop -- demand that they obey the Constitution! "This is a law befitting Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. It has no place among the descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry!" That's how I'd have worded my answer. These people want a strongman. Be a strongman for liberty.

I love Ron Paul and I'm sorry for expecting so much of him. He's not a messiah and I know that. He's one honest man who's done more than anyone else in government to fight for our liberties, against tremendous opposition. It must be very difficult. Thank you, Ron Paul!

solid analysis

Why Ron's staff would leave him unrehearsed on the points where he's vulnerable to neocon sabotage is a mystery.

The debate was not a major loss, but it certainly could have been better.

The real danger is that the establishment will try to spin it as a major loss, amd will use the supposed public reaction to some of Ron's answers, or to other candidates' answers, for cover as they rig the results of the SC vote.


The one thing really helping us tonight and the reason the neocon establishment can't really bad mouth Paul is the Twitter feedback. Twitter comments and bars were heavily favored towards Paul.

I bet FOX is kicking themselves for including the Twitter stuff......

This was a fair analysis of

This was a fair analysis of the debate tonight and that is why so many are a little depressed. The FP answer, while we generally agree with it, doesn't play well at all in large groups.

Also Paul was a little weak on his 2nd amendment vote, he let Santorum get the better of him on that I thought.

Frustrated, Annoyed, Heartend, Disheartend, Angry, then... ohm..

More Bread & Circus & Gladiatorial bouts at the Coliseum, as Rome burns.

Unless Dr. Paul wins the nomination & wins the Presidency, I'm going Galt. The idiots can have tyranny & de facto policestate. They don't deserve Dr. Paul, nor the Remnants of the American Constitutional Heritage.

Wonder if those murderous loons in the audience will be willing to go to the frontlines & fight it themselves. If so, they should all vote for Obama, because he wants to instigate it for Wall St. & Israel even as we speak.

Tonight's debate was obviously a mixed bag.

Rowdy crowds? Usually Good. And, compared to other channel sponsored debates, usually FakeNews moderators actually do real research, unlike CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC. And frankly, they're the most entertaining, because the FakeNews losers always know how to bring out the worst in people, thus guilty pleasure, just like rest of their TV lineup.

But, the mere fact that they cheered Dr. Paul's introduction the least clearly showed the audience selection were done to stack the deck full of RINO/neocon mindless drones who love the idea of others killing foreigners for them so they can get vicarious homicidal orgasms from watching clips of dead bodies on FakeNews.

The more obvious part was the fact that even with only 5 candidates left, he still got asked the least & 1st question wasn't asked until 24 min in & no 30sec rebuttal time as allotted to all others. Also, Baier who has been one of the more fairer moderators (if there were such thing as "fair" with anything Murderdoch) intentionally continued the propaganda meme of "Ron Paul is to the left of Obama on National Defense!" BS

was livid, but jumped for joy with glee when the Doc P0Wnz that hack on Defense vs. Military. But even with that, being the more polished snakeoilsalesman that Grinch is, knew he & Frothy would come back & still attack him on this issue. Had Grinch & Frothy been alive during 1776, they'd been tarred & feathered as traitors long ago.

While it's obviously happening, but still cannot believe a culture that lived through slavery, Great Depression, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Civil Rights movement, Iraq I & II can still be moronic enough to fall for another war propaganda against Iran; even if one were the most dumbest geopolitical neophyte to an outright moron, it is still hard to fathom how in the most media savvy culture the world has ever seen, they can so easily succumb to the most blatantly obvious propaganda.

Lord help us.

I understand that while the audience obviously is not representative of the entire state of SC or the nation at large, the MSM's intended goal was to establish the fact that fascist nationalism sentiment runs high & it's rowdy, at least with a segment of the population & since it's televised, it gives the gullible audience that it seems more prevalent than it is, as TV propaganda specifically only works for morons who solely get their news from the Boobtube.

Heartened, disheartened, angry, frustrated, feel horrible that an honorable man has to stand next to those chickensh*t arrogant punks who would've been wedgied in Jr.HS, now forcing the entire nation & the world by proxy, to deal with their projection of their bad childhood.

or sometimes wish the Doc was a million times more bombastic, because with or without proper info, it'd be so easy to shut down these moron schmucks with basic run of the mill one liners, which let's face it, the audience merely cheer easy red-meat one liners. Frankly aside from about a third, the audience seemed no different than ones at American Idol. ugh!

If there ever were a perfect fool-proof anti-psychotic test, all who volunteer to run for public office should take it. but of course, no such thing as a sure thing.

but there's no doubt the other murderous 4 on stage are psychotic lunatic losers.

for the love of god, just WTF is wrong with these people?

worst thing of all? Grinch had the last say of the night.

they should all be allowed to make a 1min closing statement. this whole thing is such a charade.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I think Newts cheering

I think Newts cheering section was placed in the audience to make him look good and boo everyone else cause it's funny that Newt never had people backing him like this as of yet...!? Just a thought...!

PS. It looked like a group of 30 or 40 people and did you notice they never showed a wide view of Newts crowd...!? If it was as big as they made it sound, then they would have showed it don't you think...!? I think it sounded like they had mic's in front of the group too...! :-)

that's exactly what I was thinking as soon as the opening

intro sequence came up and Grinch got THE LOUDEST cheers and the other three RINOs received about the same. The Doc's were completely muted & hesitant. I have hard time believing that ANYONE who would cheer the Doc, in midst of a sea of astroturfed cheers, would stand around and not do their best to match their level or counter it with even more enthusiasm.

let's face it, NO candidates' supporters cheer hard, loud, or as genuinely inspired to cheer as sincerely or as enthusiastically as we do.

there's NO WAY in hell Dr. Paul can receive less loud cheers than Nut Grinch, unless the audience were pre-selected & stacked.

besides if you watch the overhead crane-cam shot of the audience, and note when and to whose comments they're clapping, the sections were divided strategically. the ones close to the stage were the most reserved, as expected, the party insiders hated R3VOL last time & complained that R3VOL weren't Southern or gentlemanly because some booed RINOs. So they tried to out-R3VOL the R3VOLution by stacking 'em with boisterous geopolitical imbeciles. mid-sections were peppered with partisan supporters. but the loudest neocon/RINO murder cult cheer section were in the back to communicate subconsciously 'see everyday Joe Schmo who can't afford front row agreed with the NeoCons!'

yup, and the whole mic volume thing: it'd be one thing if FakeNews have never fooled around with it when the Doc was on before, but since they have a long history of turning down volume when people cheer boisterously for the Doc, I would expect nothing less.

god I hate these bastards!!! arghghghgghgh!!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Thank you Dr. Paul...

...for your tireless sacrifice for the American people and for liberty. I will vote for no one but Ron Paul in this election.

The good news is

The good news is the comments were much more doom and gloom than the highlights I just watched.


I agree! This was the first debate I missed since 2007, when I

got home the first thing I did was check DP. My heart sank lower with every Active Forum Topic I read. No kidding, it made me sick to my stomach and I didn't even want to watch the highlights. But I did. I have NEVER seen him more aggressive about taking the time he needed to further explain his stances. When the audience boo'd the Golden Rule, you could almost see the fire in his eyes as he dug in, held to his Christian principles, and turned it all around. There's no way the others were that honest. The slight boo'ing said a lot more about the audience than it ever could about Dr. Ron Paul.

I came. I saw. I concurred.

We need to make a video of that clip

Them booing the golden rule is just outrageous

But actually now thinking about it.. it was a plant. a group of gingrich supporters (or romney but i suspect grinch more ) were booing paul every time he spoke. pure evil.

I fear this country will make

I fear this country will make a sad and dangerous choice by electing another demagogue, whether it's Newt, Mitt, Perry, or Santorum. These dangerous and flagitious miscreants are far less qualified to hold office than when Caligula appointed his horse Consul.

Will Americans choose the deceny of Ron? Or will they choose the corruption and knavishness of these other fools?

For my part, I'm determined to hold my vote for anyone other than Ron.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

you have to realize

americans don't see the economic collapse

they aren't afriad of video game wars

they aren't worried about the tsa and liberty

for them... life is still great... governmetn job big pension... welfare mom from mexico with 8 kids and free mansion housing and 4k a month to live in... the 2 people on disability for being "learning disabled" what we used to call being stupid and not trying

this country will get what it deserves if thy dont elect ron and I wont stay here to see it. Chile is looking pretty good to me. great seafood in chile. stable non war mongering place.

I agree with you except I

I agree with you except I don't think any of them will actually beat Obama. That is the real flaw with the gop this cycle, they foolishly think Obama is easily beaten. I don't think he will lose that easily, I think it would even be close with Paul. Though Paul clearly has the best chance to beat him due to his ability to bring independents back to the gop.

The GOP thinks Romney can best beat Obama because they think Romney is a moderate. What the party doesn't understand is that it is going to lose 25%+ of its base. They are just to confused and think that that 25% will vote for anyone but Obama as well, they don't understand our 25% means REAL change. Change back to the Constitution.

"They" do not care

Obama, Romney, what is the difference?

That is the big fraud, that there is a difference between the dems and the GOP. They are all out to destroy the dollar to their advantage.

Ron Paul would be the only one to bring an end to their destruction of our economy and country.

You're right. I meant to say

You're right. I meant to say GOP nominee. There's no doubt, at least to me, that if anyone but Paul captures the nominee Obama will be re-elected.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

And I'm afraid you are right

This country will be destroyed not from the people the neocon warmongers are claiming will come to destoy us, but from us ourselves.

That is so sad since it is so easy to avoid.

I thought Ron did great!

I do apologize but I just could not stomach another GOP debate. :) After reading some of the comments on this post and watching some post debate coverage, I was a little apprehensive but watched the Ron Paul 'highlights'.

What on earth is everybody complaining about? Ron Paul did great, the questions and crowd were not Ron Paul friendly but Ron Paul stuck to his guns and explained his point of view coherently. Just like he has done for the past 20 - 30 years!

Let's not forget Ron Paul DOMINATED on twitter.

Just another debate, more will come :)

And conclusions like this is

And conclusions like this is why you can't just judge based on the highlights. Take the blinders off and watch the entire debate and you'll find that Newt totally dominated, and Santorum did well too. Ron did okay, but in no way "great". You're only kidding yourself.

3rd Party Here I Come if Paul is Not the Nominee!!!

I agree with so many on this thread tonight!!!

The four other Candidates on stage really showed their true Neo-Con War Happy Foreign Policy views tonight aided by the Far Right Wing Crowd in the Auditorium.

There answers were frightening!!!

I cannot imagine Ron Paul would ever endorse any of them for President, if he is not the Nominee.

Without Paul at the top of the ticket, I am out of the Republican Party in August!!!

Without Paul the Party will be lost and go into the wilderness for the next four years!!!

With you on that, nanook

The Republican party is so damaged. And here, amazingly, comes a savior, and the party elite is too blind, too entrenched in its pettiness and greed, to see it's what the party and the nation desperately need. If the Republican powers-that-be can't figure out before it's too late that Paul provides the way to restore conservatism, honor and integrity to the party, then I'm out for good!

What's Crazy About Our Constitution?


Now is the time for all of us to bond together and let the GOP know that they will not force our vote for any other candidate other than Ron Paul. We have this power.
In AZ. Write Ins are considered no votes, they need us, it is time to band together more now than ever.
Go Ron Paul.

Ron Paul did the best he could do with these people

They hate him and everything he stands for.

They like Obama more than they would support Ron Paul. Ron Paul getting elected would be "game over" for the corporate elite that are raiding our tax dollars. The money that is getting stolen from almost every dollar we spend and earn.

Where are the polls?? This

Where are the polls?? This was a set up....NO WAY true CHristian would boo on a follow the Golden Rule answer....they should all applaud!

Small note tonight - No Iran ? after the scientists were killed

I noticed no Iran questions after the nuclear scientists were killed by a magnetic bomb on their car killed....

On the morning of 11 January Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, the deputy head of Iran's uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, was in his car on his way to work when he was blown up by a magnetic bomb attached to his car door. He was 32 and married with a young son. He wasn't armed, or anywhere near a battlefield.


Wonder who was resonsible ?

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"