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Dr Paul being targeted for Airline Ticket Expense, LMAO!

Is this the best they can do? They keep digging...and digging... but all they could find was some minute BS about buying First Class tickets to fly from Washington to Texas? The fact that the only 'dirt' they can find on Dr Paul, is the 'newsletter' BS and this miniscule crap, should prove he is the MOST ELECTABLE candidate in the field. The other candidates have 'rap sheets', that you could create a small book with, and Dr Paul doesn't even have half a page. The article is so biased, they refuse to even consider, that he gives money back every year left over from his Congressional funds. Again, is this the best they can do??? And, of course it's being reported by Faux News! http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/16/paul-plane-trips-...

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They're parroting this

At the Houston Chronicle, too: http://blog.chron.com/rickperry/2012/01/taxpayers-pay-for-ro...

I don't have a Facebook acct anymore or I'd respond to it. Can someone who has one comment there?

OT - I hate how some msm outlets are going to this Facebook accts only comment sections.


And Nancy Pelosi has her very own 757, and the Obama's take 2 jumbos everywhere.......they're getting nervous. What will the sheep do?

alan laney

Their hypocrisy and bias

are showing...

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The word is HAD, and will lose!

LOL, your comments are well taken!.

But the word for Polosi is she HAD her own 757, and in less than a year form now the Obama's will lose their two jumbo jets as well!

The Winds of Change!


keep digging and digging MSM fucktards.. Your desperation amuses us

What's next, "Dr. Paul borrowed 20 cents for Lunch when he was 9 years old and there's no record of him ever paying it back... How can he preach about government debt.."?

Ron Paul 2012

I believe Ron Paul must be

I believe Ron Paul must be doing very well in SC. The media is pulling out all stops to distort, outright lie and misinform its viewers in the hopes of containing or stopping Ron Paul from getting any recognition and traction. I just heard MSNBC's Morning Joe and their lament of Huntsman being the "only small gov't conservative, bar none", pulling out of the race. How does being a private news corp give them the Power and the Legality to de-legitimize Ron Paul? They really are ruthless in their quest for world Gov't with Obama or Romney (either, or) We already saw how they gargoyled their friend Pat Buchanan.

Totally agree!

Notice they pull this out off their A$$ on the day of the debate, bet someone(Santorum or FOX) will use it tonight. Then, of course, you have the fact of them basically blacking out the Davis endorsement, and coming up with this piece of "news" instead. Bastards!! BTW have you ever flown through Houston?, Anyone in their right mind would want to get on the the plane as quick as possible, as the airport smells like a football locker room.


This is the best these media clowns can come up with? What a joke

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