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The State SC Newspaper shows how irrelevant it has become. Endorses Huntsman just in time for him to drop out

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman scored a huge endorsement from arguably South Carolina’s most popular newspaper The State on Sunday.

The former Utah governor is hoping the endorsement will help his hopes at a top tier finish in the upcoming South Carolina Republican primary election. A recent Public Polling Policy poll found that more voters in the Palmetto state want to elect comedian and South Carolina native Stephen Colbert for president over Mr. Huntsman.

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those people in NH.. look like jerks who voted for Jon

I mean come on people, read the news and find out if you are going to waste your vote, as for Mitt beating Obama, when the unions come out to support Obama its overwith, the only way to beat a socialist is with a constitutionalist

Notice the poll on the StateColumn

web page for president. It sure is funny how 30,000 people have voted here, and Ron Paul is killing them with 84%. Where are these people when we need them in primaries and caucuses? How is it that such overwhelming support doesn't translate into more ballots? Are we to conclude that only Ron Paul supporters browse the internet for political news? Do the other candidates not generate enough enthusiasm for their guy? Either way, we need results at the real polls!

alan laney

Whether he stays in....

or drops out is irrelevant. Its the best endorsement that daddy's money can buy.