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Nuts and Bolts

Love philosophy but stow it. Get back to nuts and bolts, we're in the primary season now.

Seniors care about their legacy. Their grandkids will pay a huge price for our spending. Only Ron Paul is serious about cutting spending, $1 trillion. The others cut only the growth of spending.

Independents aren't newshounds so base emotions like fear guide their decisions. We are less safe with 700 bases abroad. We are more safe with Ron Paul's plan to defend the country. Why are we still defending South Korea, Japan & Germany? Defend America.

Tea partiers hate the power structures. No one owns Ron Paul. Let's get dead serious about laying out WHO supports each candidate. The difference is so stark, it's a huge selling point for the Doc.

Progressives hate Corporate power. Try to find a photograph of Ron Paul smiling with a Wall Street CEO, or some other fat cat. Can't do it. Enron was based in Houston. Think Ron hung out with Ken Lay? Think again.

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