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Keep your Head Up We're In this for the Long Haul

Everyday I log onto the DP or turn on the TV I'm bombarded by negativity towards the Revolution campaign. Negativity is UN-healthy, both mentally and physically. We must remain optimistic and resolved to changing the way Americans think. A smile on your face when talking to the undecided and those who have made the wrong decision goes a long way to bring people around. Don't get bogged down in the negative talk about Dr. Paul and the Revolution, be cheerful and know in your heart that you have the righteous position, have sympathy for those who are still trapped in a mind-frame that was constructed for them to contain them. We are the messengers of liberty, we are always right when standing up for liberty. This battle for the liberty of all Americans is likely to last for some time, so have fun with it, be positive! Remember what Dr. Paul said: "I'm not try to become president to run the country, I'm trying to change the course of history."

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Well said

There are people who are like garbage trucks, full of it and running around looking for people who are garbage recepticles to dump their stuff on. Some people think one has to be a garbage truck or a garbage recepticle in life.

I choose to be neither. My life is AWESOME and I am abundantly blessed. I share that. Garbage trucks and garbage recepticles don't receive or relate to what is blessed or blessings, they self eliminate, running around seeking each other.

So, BE BLESSED and share blessings, the reward is abundant peace, love, happiness, prosperity, good health and an AWESOME life.

Exonerate and forgive.

Exonerate and forgive.

Thanks MindUrBusiness - I

Thanks MindUrBusiness - I catch myself angry all the time.