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Trust, Character, Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom

There will always be government...God, the Creator, instituted government for sinful mankind - and He is a God of ORDER and proper judgement; as pertains to morality, equality, respect for property, and good will towards our human equals(equally created by one Creator).

God is higher than ANY Caesar, above ALL governments; and mankind ought always strive, seek, and apply His supernatural wisdom(on a personal level) daily in order to keep themselves safe from harm, as well as any society peaceful, productive, and prosperous. It is not hard often times, for a free man to adhere to many of His divine moral dictates, because they have already been written on man's heart by Him...therefore, we need NOT be a theocracy; the rule of law, executed by proven and trusted men, is sufficient.

Our founders took all their objections to "out of control", power-hungry, wealth-hoarding parent government(that the church married for convenience, survival, and money interests); and they patiently petitioned the King for decades before it became too much for them and their children to bear. Selflessly, for their posterity - they THREW OFF the tyranny in self defense - repelling FORCE, not initiating it!!!

This message was born in the separated churches! Separated churches that rejected, shamed, and spoke against charlatan politicians, tyrants, liars, and thieves!

We may achieve less government and more God under our nation's flag by an act of our collective will; without becoming a Judeo-Christian, Zionist-led, Tea Party theocracy - but first, it must be AGREED that there exists a better way to govern and self-govern; and our nation's history is well-documented in the words of our founders/statesmen of old, and in the powerful challenging sermons from our separation and revolution.

I believe America still exhibits perhaps the best contemporary example/model for any free people to follow...and all we need to do is look to the past, and TEACH that there is a better way, that we have ABANDONED for no good reason...the quick buck, the BAIT of the Federal Reserve System, most likely!

Ron Paul's message:

Jeremiah 6:16a Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

The establishment GOP's majority response thus far:

Jeremiah 6:16b But they said, We will not walk therein.

Divine intervention was needed, and present I believe, in our nation's founding! Our founders were outnumbered, out-financed, self-financed in the beginning, and severely out-gunned!!! But because it was a RIGHTEOUS CAUSE; Liberty for ALL MEN CREATED EQUAL they sought; God heard their prayer, infused supernatural wisdom; and despite early losses, strife, and divided loyalty between neighbors and within families - Liberty WON!

If we turn down Ron Paul's offer to restore patriotic morality and reputation to our White House; if we reject Ron Paul for no good reason other than the Vegas odds against him that the media touts - civil war will eventually ensue as this house of cards(built and perpetuated still, by deceptive self-serving Judeo-Christian hypocrites), collapses!

Trust, Character, Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom is what we have in the candidate Ron Paul!

The establishment GOP have run out of excuses for supporting any other candidate that will join him on the stage tonight; PERIOD!

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