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Call to South Carolina Supporters, Represent your County and stop at every Household!

Alright to ensure that we have victory in South Carolina ron paul supporters in each county should stop by every house hold and talk to the common folk about Ron Paul and if there are no ron paul supporters in that county Ron Paul Supporters from a different county should help out. We should become like Jehovas witness people and wake up every morning to spread the message. We need boots on the ground!, BECOME the MEDIA.

If questions come up like:

"Never heard of Ron Paul or his positions, am voting for Romney."

Say this:

"Thats because the mainstream media is feeding you who they want you to vote for. Please look on the Internet to find more information about Romney and Ron Paul. You will find that Romney is a BIG flip flopper and Ron paul stayed true to his principles. "

And if they say:

"But I don't have a computer and don't use it"

Say this (assuming you brought an Ipad or android tablet with you with Internet access to give them a taste of what they are missing on the internet):

"Here is an example of what the media does not show you and this is from the internet.". (You show him or her the Romney flip flop videos on youtube and or other).

Its good to wave signs. I think we also need to embrace the people and talk to them.

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