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Carl Cameron Completely Ignores Paul

On Fox News this morning, they were talking about Jon Huntsman dropping out of the race. In the coverage, Cameron talks about how this will be a bump for Romney, but how the race is for second place in South Carolina between Gingrich and Santorum. He even said that Santorum is poised for another surge (another fake surge Fox News, really?)! Funny, I think there's someone he forgot to mention. Ron Paul is statistically tied with these two, and he came in second in New Hampshire, yet Gingrich who can't break 4th place anywhere gets more of a mention than Paul? This is a joke. Even Perry got a mention, and he can't get 10 people in a room who support him.

It seems that the media is getting really jittery about the good Doctor, which is a testament to how well he is really doing.

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May I introduce you to the miserable Carl Cameron.

He is a below-the-bottom feeder. He is a puppet disseminator of misinformation and lies.


Carl Cameron is a Douche Bag

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Carl Cameron is a Douche Bag


Paul ante portas.

I must admit it's getting a

I must admit it's getting a bit disheartening. Especially considering the blackout on his Sen. Davis endorsement. I feel like they're ratcheting up the bias because they're feeling things are going in Paul's direction.


If you have a DVR or TiVo, tape this crap. Even if you have no computer, editing skills, we can get it to someone who does. We need to put together a huge reel of this absolute #BlackThisOut. Someone (Reality Check Ben Swann?) would pick it up.

The Exact Same Narrative on CBS

I watched the start of the Early Show on CBS this morning. It was the exact same narrative. Huntsman dropping out helps Romney. Gingrich and Santorum for second with Perry vying for support. No mention of Ron Paul.

Then they said "Now, we've left out one candidate who we haven't mentioned yet... Barack Obama!" and the did a piece on his "ground game" that is being implemented.

Such a coordinated effort to marginalize Ron Paul. There is no way that all the major news networks just coincidentally happen to run the same stories with the exact same narrative.

Fox just had another panel pass over Dr. Paul

Huntsman drops out and gives his 5% to Romney, 2nd now between Gingrich and Santorum, completely ignoring the fact that Paul is polling better. Same old bs game.


I think that

Huntsman's 5% is going to have something to say about that.

Isn't the Fascist News

Isn't the Fascist News Channel looking for examples of media bias?

Leland Thomas Faegre

What part of "They don't want and will ignore Dr. Paul"

don't you understand. The media is owned and controlled by the military industrial complex. Ron is the fly in their ointment and they will be relentless. We are in a once in a century fight with the last chance for humanity, and if this fails or the information wars cease by government control of the internet we are officially done.


I hope kooky Carl continutes to ignore

Ron Paul, and all of his supporters. Carl is a kook and I wouldn't want to be associated with him.

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can i say...

carl cameltoe on here (or will it get deleted)?

if its gets deleted, its ok...i won't say it again...maybe

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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I saw this live and I was

I saw this live and I was thinking the same exact thing. He didn't mention Ron Paul's name once in a very long piece about the Hunstman's exit and the SC election.

You know, if Ron were actually given a fair shake from the media, he'd be the frontrunner right now. Guess I'm preaching to the choir, though.

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Carl Cameron is an idiot.

He is another example of what is wrong with the media....

Ron Paul'08

This video could be added to

This video could be added to the list of MSM propaganda.

Does Anyone have the Video?

I don't have a set-up like Mox News, but wow what I saw was shameless.


If someone gets the video, I'll send it in to Fox's search for media bias.

I know it's a small gesture, but it's principle.

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