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NBC'S Tom Brokaw to be present *tonight* at the Debate Party in Greenville SC! Come OUT!

This has just been confirmed - NBC is really coming over tonight, and the place needs to be packed for this showing. Please come out and dress as nice as you can for this!

Here's what's going down tonight in Greenville, SC:

1. Big Sign Wave starting at 6PM at the Debate Party location where NBC will be arriving:

WHAT: Big Sign Wave before Debate Party in Greenville SC

WHEN: Mon, Jan 16, 6PM - 8:30PM

WHERE: on Laurens Rd by Bailey's
Baileys Sports Bar
2409 Laurens Rd
Greenville, SC 29607

Come out and greet Tom Brokaw with lots of Ron Paul signs!

Local Meetup Event link: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-281/events/48225262
RonPaulCountry Event link: http://www.ronpaulcountry.com/content/big-sign-wave-greenvil...

2. Debate Watch Party, with NBC and Tom Brokaw coming!!

WHAT: Debate Watch Party in Greenville, SC

WHEN: Monday, Jan 16, 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Baileys Sports Bar- back room
2409 Laurens Rd
Greenville, SC 29607

Come out and enjoy some company with fellow Ron Paul supporters from your area!

***TOM BROKAW of NBC will be coming to this event, so please make sure we have a large turnout!!!***

Local Meetup Event link: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-281/events/45847032/
RonPaulCountry Event link: http://www.ronpaulcountry.com/content/pres-debate-party-gree...

Let's get the Good Doctor some publicity!

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false flag ?you never know

what they might do. make sure no one attacks him saying there a ron paul supporter they will do anything do discredit us

For Liberty...

Bumping this for liberty...

Same! Wish I could be there

Same! Wish I could be there in SC tonight

Wish I was there with you guys!!

Make our man look good!! :)

I wish I can be there from N.

I wish I can be there from N. California.

NorCal here too! Can't wait

NorCal here too! Can't wait till NV caucus. Never miss a Dr Paul visit to the Reno area! Always worth the drive

If you go tonight, be sure to...

Inform the ignorant that Ron Paul and his supporters founded The Tea Party on December 16, 2007. Take it back!

Be Sure to Do the TV Trick-Stand behind Tom with Ron Paul Signs

Can someone do a homemade sign "Senator Tom Davis Endorses Dr Paul" Thank you, that would be great because it will help get the news out that the media doesn't want out.


It was Tom Brokaw's "gotcha" question that destroyed...

Dan Quayle's political career. I honestly wish Quayle had gone postal and beat the crap out the man, and I don't even like Dan Quayle.

Regardless of what you think of Brokaw...

It's the showing of support for Ron Paul that matters. Regardless of what we think of the media types, like Tom Brokaw, we need to be diplomatic and professional with them. As Ron Paul himself has said, we have to be constructive and diplomatic to spread our message.

Yes, Greenville is one of the most organized parts of SC. Other organized parts are Aiken, Columbia, and Charleston...

Dress nice, drink responsibly

I'm all the way over here in CA, and I feel like I'm missing out on all these great events and opportunities. Make it count!

Your turn is coming California!!

President Paul!!
President Paul!!

Your turn is coming California!!

President Paul!!
President Paul!!

Exactly that.

What he/she said.

This!! ^^^

Yes, please show good manners and drink responsible - lots of people will be watching you...

FORGET BROKAW...he doesn't matter...I'LL BE THERE! LOL

This is AWESOME....I didn't know Greenville was organized enough to draw media.

Who cares about what Brokaw says or does....we're past that now.

RP is da boss!!!


Bring some friends! :-)

Brokow is one of them.

Check the movie "War Made Easy". He is in there pushing the propaganda line for war. Expect a hit piece.


Brokaw is definitely one of "Them"!

Handle with extreme care. Expect nothing good, but still, just be diplomatic like Doc would, and it will turn out fine.

Very interesting. So how is it that he is coming to a RP event, anyway?!?

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Tom Brokaw

In 1992, with Ross Perot, and Jerry Brown for president yard signs everywhere, a few for Dole, I was the presinct inspector for a district of Los Angeles County Registrar's office. I was one of the first to take a poll worker and a locked box of what represented 10K marked ballots, to the official drop off. It was November, and there was a long line of car headlights piling up behind me. We were listening to the radio for election results. Tom Brokaw announced, "CLINTON HAS WON!!! Bill Clinton is PRESIDENT OF THE USA!"

The poll worker and I looked at each other, the locked box of ballots, and all those car headlights, with all those locked boxes, and we thought about other Western states, besides CA, NV, AZ, OR, WA, HI, and asked, ""How did Clinton win when none of these ballots have been counted?"

That's what I think of Tom Brokaw.

They poll voters who voted

The networks have not made their calls based on counted ballots in years. They rely on polls of people after they've voted, a method which has a proven record of accuracy.

They are polling people all day, and tabulating results. Even long before the polls are closed, unless the situation is very close (Bush/Gore 2000), they have a good idea of the outcome.

Anyway, even if you disagree with this method, it's unreasonable to blame Brokaw for reporting based on an established and proven methodology.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


I'm NOT blaming Brokaw

I'm relating what the name "Brokaw" reminds me. It was a very special night. I went from being a Libertarian (since 1976) to registereing, "Decline to state party" because of Brokaw's annoucement. I'm now a Ron Paul Republican and plan to be a Ron Paul Republican for the rest of my life.

best behavior!

Im sure the good folks helping Dr. Paul in SC will be on their best behavior :-)


..please be nice.

Exercise Self-Regulation

Your right to decide what you imbibe requires you to exercise your responsibility.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

liberty bump !