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How to elect Ron Paul, whether the ignorant masses like it or not

See my video at

where I explain how to elect Ron Paul via the Electoral College.

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adjust you target?

first question
are you a corporate cop
or a sheriff?
there is a difference, a cop works for for the corp
not the people,their jobs is to lie in wait
to extort more money to enable themselves to steal more money
they work for the corporation to tie the hands all in the name
of peace
cops are not peace officers,they lie,steal and cheat
to enable the corp
statutes,ordinances,and color of law is not a law
so therefor unconstitutional,
lay the blame on this video all you want but in fact
it is truth,and this is why it bothers you
all the colors of law anyone can say are laws are just a way to steal what is not yours
answer this question,if you can why do people need a drivers license when we have the right to travel?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Rule of Law

I have respect for any man that would stand up for the rule of law, but absolutely no respect for those that would enforce state statutes, codes or laws that are against individual freedom and/or sovereignty. No respect at all for men or women that take money (i.e. make their living) to enforce unjust "corporate" rules under any name we as a society give them, "police" or otherwise. There have been many through history that have fallen for the reasoning that "I am only doing my job or am only enforcing the laws that the leaders pass". I can think of a few leaders that would be proud of this thinking but not ones I would follow.

"In Utah, six cops chose to get themselves shot"

I know you are trying to be provocative, but you have no idea what it is to be a cop. I'm a police officer and you are a piece of 5hit. Police enforce laws, lawmakers make laws. Adjust your target.

Fresno, CA

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admit it

a cops jobs isn't law but color of law
where in the constitution does it state or
even mention a cop? and i did notice
you did not say peace officer this is telling
so in effect they did lose their lives for a non violent,
non victim crime,and this is also why all cops have military backing,with assault rifles,and body armor
and the reason is cops are just so much important than the commoners that they extort from
it is not about justice,because if it was cops would go after murders,rapists first but do not
no pity here

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

In Utah

The mentality of blaming the lawmakers for the actions of law enforcement could lead to events like last year's shooting of Congresswoman Giffords. The mentality of blaming the ignorant masses for electing creeps could lead to events like the shooting of nine-year-old Christina Green. Everybody knows we're living in a police state, and in a police state, the police are the enemy. Elect Ron Paul before it's too late, before too many more cops make that bad choice and suffer the same gruesome consequences, leaving the streets unpatrolled.