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James David Manning is a Stop Ron Paul group member!

For what it is worth JAMES DAVID MANNING is part of the STOP RON PAUL FB group. Not really a big deal, it is just a bit of a surprise consider just a few days ago I watched a video where he was saying some positive things about Paul. WEIRD.


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I joined several GOP Facebook

I joined several GOP Facebook pages so I could encourage support for Ron Paul - not because I love the GOP of another state.

I don't know about this guy but just food for thought.

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It's like watermellon

It's like watermellon seeds.

You don't stop and chew 'em.

Just spit 'em out.

Don't get Over excited

Manning doesn't owe allegiance to anyone and is always outspoken and against Obama. He didn't like Bush or Clinton or Obama. He held his nose and supported McCain as the Anti-Obama vote. He has been working long and hard to oust Obama so that has been his main issue. Manning says he didn't belong to this group. I am inclined to believe him only because I've been familiar with him and his video's for 4 years. It's just not "like" him.

It's possible he bought into the theory of "Paul can't win". That being said, he has a right to change his mind on someone. Have you considered that he may have joined this group initially months and months ago and only recently came to like Paul better?

If you can't give him the benefit of the doubt and take him at his word, then at least give people a chance to change their mind and awaken to the possibilities of a Paul Presidency.

I keep seeing articles and

I keep seeing articles and posts which are bashing Paul supporters for the 'threatening email that was sent to Jere Brower'.

I don't believe an email was ever sent. We had no trouble outing him, his employer, his past comments and pages, yet when pressed for the name or email address of person who threatened him he clammed up. I'm almost convenienced that he never received any such email nor filed a police report.

Someone with a little time on their hands should contact the Atlanta Police department and request a copy of or a police report number for the complaint filed by Jere Brower.

I think he is lying and I don't think anyone ever filed a dang thing.

Dr. Manning is outspoken

Dr. Manning is outspoken about the missing documents in Obama's life. Not only the birth document, but the college records, health records, even kindergarten records.
His church is located close to Columbia University and he doubts Obama ever attended for many reasons. No records, but also nobody remembers him in the black community.

He came a long way and had a lot of opposition for his views being a black pastor in Harlem.

Why would this be voted down.

Perhaps it may be of little consequence, yet I find it curious that it has been voted down. Why ? Is it not valuable info if we can prevent another HUGE debacle like Paul endured the last two weeks of December with the News Letters?


...because we've already exposed these guys.

We don't need to get distracted. If they try something, we can expose them again.

Getting dragged down by all this will only hurt us.


James David Manning This is a complete fraud, I am not a member of this evil group and I am investigating how this happen. I will have a further report later today.
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Edward A Schill Well, you are a member, that is a fact. I am looking forward to your explanation later today!!!
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James David Manning Check again
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Rhonda Towns · 6 mutual friends
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Yhwh Khai · Friends with James David Manning
Looks like someone is about to get cut off as a friend lol
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Edward A Schill So you removed yourself. Awesome. So can you explain why you were a member in the first place ?
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Yhwh Khai · Friends with James David Manning
I'm a "friend" not a "member" and if I thought you were that important I would explain why I'm a "member in the first place." Try again????? I won't reply back to you because I feel replying to your stupidity may drop my IQ a notch! Run along and play child..

Was it necessary to hound the

Was it necessary to hound the guy? It may have been accidental, it may have been trolling, etc. The point is..who cares. Attacking someone for being added to a group on facebook is not what we're about here.

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Manning initially said Paul

Manning initially said Paul had absolutely no chance, completely wrote him off.

Manning got his balls grabbed and twisted by the Secret Service or FBI for his comments and "trial" regarding Obama's BC. After that he was scared and started saying Paul was hopeless and couldn't win.

Dr. Manning is very

Dr. Manning is very honorable....he wouldn't publicly endorse Ron Paul and then turn around and do this....he is one of the leaders trying to get BO out of the White House for his illegal occupation!

I just put in a request to

I just put in a request to join and I will be posting the truth about the DOC....not their BS lies....I'll probably be unfriended right away but who cares....I suggest all Ron Paul supporters do the same....write only good stuff about the DOC and then wait for them to kick you out of the group!


James David Manning: This is a complete fraud, I am not a member of this evil group and I am investigating how this happen. I will have a further report later today.

They're still planning

They're still planning Operation Mayhem! The KKK robes thing. Have the police been informed?

The Founders of this great nation abhorred tyrrany and loved liberty.

Ignernt fools

No doubt the ignoramuses do not know what "mayhem" means. It is a legal and military term for inflicting immediately incapacitating injury, for example by cutting off an arm at the shoulder.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

The honorable pastor James David Manning doesn't play by rules

The honorable pastor James David Manning doesn't play by the rules. Just when you think he's on your side... BAM! He done gone an' called you the Devil's Son-In-Law~

He's been against Ron Paul for ages. Nothing new.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"