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One of President Paul's main issue is the Federal Reserve...

Here is a movie on You Tube that you got to see. It give explicit details about this fully corrupt operation which, by the way, has no link to being a government agency, but rather a totally corrupt private banking business. The film is called Phenomenon and it is narrated by Dean Stockwell, who has been in the movies since he was about 12 years old...watch the film and I am hopeful that you do not get sick....


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This is the most important video you may see in your lifetime

that will help to unravel just why Ron Paul and others have made it their life work to help you live a more balanced like in America. This topic ought to be Pinned ---left at the top so people can watch and distribute it to all the people before Mitt Romney, the rulers choice for President, gains anymore momentum. Is there anyone out there?

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