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NY Times Editor admits to silencing news about Ron Paul

In Sunday's Times, public editor Arthur S. Brisbane wrote of the decision to deep-six the only candidate in the race who has anything interesting to say.

Here's what Brisbane wrote:

"In a Dec. 4 column, I wrote about journalists’ reflex to impose their own narrative on a race, a dynamic that can eclipse what candidates are actually saying. Well, as last week’s Iowa caucuses demonstrated, the Republican nomination contest steadfastly resists any coherent narrative.

Early in the campaign, The Times decided to remain low key in its coverage of Ron Paul, the libertarian Texas congressman, and Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator. Their strong showings on Tuesday, following the serial derailments of other contenders, showed just how hard it is for the paper to read the plotline of this contest."

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Just trying to save his

Just trying to save his ass.
His stupid arrogant ass

Good one to save

This is a particularly candid and revealing admission.


I would say it is not them "misreading the plotline of the contest" as it is them WORKING TO FRAME THE DEBATE.


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