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Richard Viguerie: CHQ Republican Presidential Straw Poll - Ron Paul 56%

Paul Extends His Lead as Santorum, Gingrich Nearly Tie in Straw Poll

Andrew Davis | 1/16/12

Heading into the South Carolina primary, Ron Paul is holding strong as the favorite among conservative voters in the CHQ Presidential Straw Poll.

Week 13 (1/6/12 to 1/15/12) was the first week Michele Bachmann did not appear after she suspended her campaign, and it appears Newt Gingrich has inhereted her support, posting his second weekly gain. The 5-point jump from last week put him only one point behind Rick Santorum, who continues to slowly build momentum after his near-win in Iowa.

But, even with their gains, Ron Paul continues to hold a virtually insurmountable lead over Gingrich and Santorum. Paul is currently 42 points ahead of Santorum, and 43 points ahead of Gingrich.

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