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SC State Senator Tom Davis who endorsed Ron yesterday needs our support against push back


^^the discussion is there.

His web page is here if any feel like donating: http://senatortomdavis.com/

his twitter page to follow is here: https://twitter.com/#!/senatortomdavis

his facebbook page to like is here: https://www.facebook.com/senatortomdavis?sk=wall

And since there is currently apparently some talk of primarying him over this, if that materializes after the dust settles, I think we need to support him.



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I would

like to know if some of Davis' staff did actually quit, and if so, was it due to his Ron Paul endorsement. "Word on the street" is not proof.

Anyway, I liked him on Facebook, left a supportive comment, and I am now following him on Twitter.

Davis would definitely have national support running against Graham (in the future). I do think it's important to support, both emotionally and financially, those who stand for liberty...

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You want us to believe his

You want us to believe his staff quit and it's not in the news? Then you want us to believe that his staff quit, which would mean he picked a really bad staff. And they didn't quit when he told them he was gonna endorse Ron Paul, which was known days before.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

What Difference Does It Make Brian

...of course we support any politician who is for Liberty and Dr. Paul. That is the point.

Now...ANYBODY listening? The Tea Party Convention today could be important:


The post said "some" staff

I don't know how much staff this state senator had but it seems believable that a staff member or two might think it politically unwise to go all in behind Paul and would consider leaving. Not a big stretch.

I will be curious though what shows up in the next news cycle.

Can we get some evidence of

Can we get some evidence of this rather than "the word on the street."?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Isn't Tea Party Convention Today

...VERY important given we just got Sen. Tom Davis endorsement and he has been described as the "darling" of the SC Tea Party?

I will be watching http://live.cnn.com/ to see what Romney, then Santorum, the Gingrich...and LAST Paul say to the Tea Party Convention folks.

I think this is a huge opportunity and right before the debate. Sounds like brilliant strategy to me.


Already Donated...

Tom Davis's endorsement speech for Ron Paul convinced me to donate $25.

I would love to see him replace Lindsay Graham in the Senate, but just having him defending us in the State House in South Carolina is worth it to me, even though I don't think I have ever set foot in South Carolina.

Will Tom Davis be with Ron

...at the SC tea party convention when Ron speaks at 4:00?
If so, couldn't this be huge? If not, why not?


Yes, What a Super Idea! I hope the campaign has already invited

him. Can someone see that they get this thread in case no one thought to ask him to join him. He should also be at the debate in the front row when Ron Paul thanks him for endorsing him along with the other 3 senators that are suppose to endorse him. These politicians are smart and courageous to stand up for what is right for this country by endorsing Ron Paul. We will always remember everyone who helped us win this election and saved us from further corruption from the 1%. God bless all of you for your wisdom to support the only candidate who really does care about us as individuals.


Ron Speaks Last

...and it will be here:


Hope somebody is taking fast notes as it would be an opportunity for Dr. Paul to "refute" any lies told by the others...or make sure that the points Tea Party folks care most about are hit. Wouldn't it be great if we could "take back the Tea Party?"....at least, with Sen. Tom Davis' help, in SC.


Fonta, thanks for informing us and for providing the link!

( : In case you didn't know 3 other senators are suppose to endorse Ron Paul. I hope it's before he talks that way he can mention all 4 of them as endorsing him. Winning!


Thanks A. Hansen

...I don't usually bump threads; however I think this could be the event of the day. What an opportunity to hear what the faux candidates conjure up to say. Then, Dr. Paul will be given ample uninterrupted time to talk. And, BEST of all, he is last which means if he is aware of what other candidates say, he will actually have the opportunity to rebut...like in a REAL debate.

This just might be "fair"...it is bound to be interesting!


Ron Paul Last-That is Perfect! Whom Ever Decided to Put Him Last

did him and us a big favor. He finally gets a break. This is going to be fun to watch. Go Ron Go!



Instead of wasting your money on the stupid super brochures, donate a few bucks senator Davis!


Date 1/16/2012
Amount $50.00 (One Time)
Transaction ID 11dc954d0ccb43bd80f0a6df600cb594

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Lindsay NDAA Graham is a duck

Lindsay NDAA Graham is a duck on the mf pond right now.

Cos Cob, CT

You Can Say That Again & Even Though I Live in CA, I Will Donate

to Tom Davis to help him win against Graham. I think he can count on all Ron Paul supporters to support him, especially since Graham voted for NDAA.



..we put a bullseye on Graham's seat now? We all know Tom can do better.

I agree!

Most anyone could, but definitely Tom could....

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