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Each picture is worth a thousand words. Let's get Jon Stewart to do a story on this!

If we can get Jon Stewart to do a story on this, everyone will see Ron Paul is a candidate of the people and the others are just wayyyy out of touch. So please everyone, flood his email with this. The information tells enough of a story, but each picture certainly is worth a thousand words.



Republican Presidential Candidates Homes

Mitt Romney

• Wolfeboro, New Hampshire - $3 million, now worth $10,000 (Has a main house, boat house and guest house)
• La Jolla, California - $12 million, recently planned to quadruple the size of the home. Reason: it was not big enough for his family
• Romney recently sold two homes. One in Belmont, Massachusetts and another in Park City, Utah.

Rick Perry

• Governors mansion
• But since October, 2007 it has been renovated and they have lived in a different mansion costing tax payers $8,500/month (for the first year $9,900).
• That’s cost tax payers ~$500,000. Add in utilities, maintenance, phone service and incidentals and the total state spending at the mansion has cost about $800,000 so far. (If this rate maintains itself up until the next election, rental plus all other costs would have cost tax payers ~$1,000,000).

Rick Santorum

• Great Falls Virginia – $2 million, now worth $1.3 million
• CNN Money recently named this town the most affluent town in America

Newt Gingrich

• McClean, Virginia – $995,000 (that’s twice as much as it cost him at Tiffany’s), now worth $1.3 million.
• His house is also near where Dick Cheney lives

Ron Paul

• Lake Jackson, Texas – After living in it for 42 years, Ron Paul is trying to sell it online by himself through a website called Buyronpaulshouse.com for $325,000
• He is trying to sell it a bit more than what it’s worth because it was appraised for only $262,500
• They have moved into a house they built nearby.

Ron Paul's house - http://www.buyronpaulshouse.com/

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