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Sitting in Airport in Springfield,MO and wearing Ron Paul t-shirt. All kinds of positive feedback

TSA agent checking ID's "I hope he gets more votes, he needs to win"

Various passengers, "do you think he will win" - "I like him"

"only serious candidate"

"I looked into him, he is by far the best"

"Honest man, he has my vote"

folks this positive.

I did have one lady say to me, "I will vote for him, but do you think he really wants to be President?"

We have to nip that last line of thought in the bud, I told her that is what the media wants you to think, but he is in it to win it.

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Good answer?....

"Do you think he really wants to be President?"

I think he wants to save America. And he's willing to be president since it looks like that's what it will take.

Did any outlet ever make Ask

Did any outlet ever make Ask me about Ron Paul t-shirts? I was waiting but never saw one..

Fellow Springfieldian!

Hey Joeinmo! I am very glad to hear your feedback on Dr. Paul! I'm here in Springfield too and look forward to working together in the coming months. Take care and God speed!

I never realized how much individual liberty I had lost until the day I tried to exercise it.

T-Shirts Are Just Great For Free Advertising Of Ron Paul

I've been wearing my Ron Paul T-shirt for months everywhere I go, and I'm about to announce, at the next local County Republican meeting, that I've signed up about 20-25 new Republicans because of the interest in my T-shirt.

At the last Republican meeting, they were pushing for more Republican membership.


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My shirt is the "RECLAIMING AMERICA"

And I wear it backward so that the TEXT can be read. (Wish I had it in a long-sleeved one!) But that shirt often leads to a positive comment/thumbs-up and occasionally, a good discussion! (Subtle - for me at least - has been a good approach!)

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Good for you!

I had a sort of surprising time last week. I handed a SB to an older man. He took it, walked away and then came back and returned the SB. He said, "No thanks. He's a liar".

Can you believe that one?! Even Ron Paul's enemies don't call him a liar.

Here's the punch line- the guy had one of the "Army" hats with all the pins on it.

...do you think he really wants to be President?

He wants what is best for America, only people who seek money and power really *want* these positions. : )

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul

on the bad side

plane is broke down and stuck at moment

Better on the Ground

Than in the air.

Cool! I have to get a RP

Cool! I have to get a RP shirt!

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My "RECLAIMING AMERICA" shirt was from a different outlet


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