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Which Republican Candidate Would Dr. King Have Lunch With

I am looking for your opinion on this story. All though I welcome it, I want to make sure that if you are giving your opinion, that you have clicked the link and read the entire article.

At Brave New Times, we create articles that will draw people into the cause of Liberty. In this article I do not say Dr. Paul once. But rather encourage people to take a serious look at all the candidates including Obama. I urge them to make an educated decision before they vote, just like I feel Dr. King would have.

I am asking to see if you feel that this is a good approach, if not what would you suggest in the future moving on?

Looking forward to your valuable input,

Jeff Olen

Today is the US holiday that celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I will not discuss whether we should have a holiday celebrating Dr. King or not. I also won’t discuss which Republican Presidential candidate he would sit down and have lunch with. The answer is obvious and was only used as a way to start this article. He would have lunch with all of the candidates. But the real question is…who would he vote for President in this year’s general election and would it be a Republican.

I think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would know exactly which candidate would be the President. This person would be President not because of his ego, not because of his ambitions, but to actually serve the people and do what is best for the nation as a whole. He would also only use the powers granted to him in the Constitution.

Read the entire story here

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I never thought of it that way

I am actually starting to think in terms of "What Would an AMERICAN Do?" when deciding how I feel about certain things. This whole left-wing, right-wing thing is getting so old. How about the country thinking about what we should do to SAVE OURSELVES first?


That is how we should all think. That is what I am trying to convey to those who have not woken up yet.

Nice job

This comes at you from under the radar.

Good Article

As a Paul supporter, I know he would endorse Ron Paul. But I think this is good to encourage those who are unsure of who they would vote for, to actually do some research. If they feel aligned with Martin Luther King in any way, this would problem lead the to the obvious conclusion of our guy being the only true choice.