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We Love Sen. Jim DeMint

So now, Daily Paulers, let's tell him why. And why ultimately it would be advantageous for Sen. DeMint to endorse Ron Paul.

Please add to this thread -- then somebody send it to both Sen. DeMint and Jack Hunter!

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DeMint is just another phony politician...

Looking our for himself. Just because he says some nice - and true - things about Ron Paul doesn't mean he likes him or supports him. Watch out for these self-serving phonies.

Representative Demint

If you take the long view looking to the future of any endorsement you make in 2012, you would find that when the history books are written about how Ron Paul helped change the direction of our country,that in the next decades to come your endorsement of Ron Paul would be noticed and you we be considered one of the patriots that stood with the American people during this struggle. You Mr. Demint will be remember for all times as the man who stood with us, and Dr. Paul to return our country to the greatest example of freedom the world has even known.

Please help unite our country behind Dr. Paul's ideas, you know, the ones in the constitution, that public servants swore an oath to :)

Don't know much about Demint,

but he just voted FOR the NDAA.Tthat is so against anything Ron Paul would do. Makes me wonder about him. I've got a feeling he's a typical politician who talks a tough fight, but slinks behind the curtain when the deals goes down.

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But he is a coward. Refusing to endorse prior to his primary says two things.

First, that he really does not have a significant stand on or grasp of the issues at hand.

Second, that his interest isn't in stating who he thinks is the best candidate, but only that he cares about picking the "winner" so that he can get some sort of favor in return afterward.

However, the funny thing is that both Mitt's crew, and I think a lot of us here, feel that way about the situation, so if he DOESN'T endorse prior to his primary, there will be no political love for him by anyone, in any camp afterward.

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What do you have in mind for those that are 10 year olds today?


I recall him helping with audit the Fed

So that's one point in his favor.

I don't follow the congress that closely these days so I don't know what else he's done, frankly.

I will say this, though: if he were to endorse RP2012 now, it would be the most significant move of his career.

He should take some more time to REALLY find out about Ron's foreign policy and why the troops so strongly support Ron. Senator, if you see this, perhaps read Ron's book "A Foreign Policy of Freedom". America's future is literally hanging in the balance right now, and your support could make the difference.

"Those who won't stand for something will fall for anything."

We will remember forever those who stand with us now.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

He backstabbed and betrayed

He backstabbed and betrayed Ron a few years ago..he is not ALL THAT to me..


Lots of pols are coming around and imitating RP. The greatest endorsement of all time. Ask Romney, he is now agreeing with RP.

Locally, we are watching for who supports the Constitution and who doesn't. We'll get rid of those who don't think this is an important issue. This is no Tea Party election.


What happened? In 2008 nobody

What happened? In 2008 nobody was giving Ron any respect at all. I wont hold it against him if he's changing with the times.

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I forget exactly. Something

I forget exactly. Something like he made a promise to Ron to stand up for something and then betrayed him and voted against it. He actually hurt Ron over this, and Ron was surprised and disappointed. That is the part I don't forget. He told Ron he stood with him and then backed out a a crucial time. I do not truly trust the guy. That is all I have to say about that.