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CNN shows TIE between Ron Paul & Romney in SC focus group! Yet insists Romney is way ahead

Count the show of hands -- 7 versus 7 for Ron Paul versus Romney. Yet CNN continues to insist Romney is way ahead! Unbelievable.


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closet paul guy

I've seen the moderator before and thought he was a closet Paul supporter - just saying I think he knew what would happen - tom foreman is his name

This is bigger than any individual

This is soooo typical

What else do we expect from the liberal media? How they sleep at night is beyond me.

tell us what you want us to see

"looks like a lot of people"? that's classic.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

You can just hear the wheels

turning in his head: Uh, oh, how we going to spin this????

That was in New Hampshire..

That was in New Hampshire..

Both right, kinda...

DURING New Hampshire Primary results, but focus group supposedly was in SC. I can put up banners so I have no idea where they were actually sitting, but it was sold as a group of undecided SC Republicans IIRC.

No, the video was mislabeled

CNN has a red flag that says "Charleston, South Carolina" on the screen at the very beginning, and there are stickers on the wall saying "College of Charleston" and "South Carolina" in the room they're in. Look again.