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CNN to announce new poll numbers at 4pm EST

Wolfe B. was just on teasing new poll numbers coming up at 4pm Eastern time. The poll has to do with Repub candidates vs. Obama. He paused and seem to make special effort to mention Ron Paul in the tease. I don't know if that's good or bad news, but stay tuned for 4pm EST

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This destroys not only the electability question

But will also position Dr Paul as the rel answer to both Romney and Obama. the real headline, which they will never publish is "Now you can vote without holding your nose."

We should also not forget that it shows that neither Gingrich or Santorum are viable candidates against Obama.

Front page headlining

Front page headlining CNN.com!

That's good! Also shows Paul's endorsement as a related story, perfect exposure on that side note.

Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/5dn9s

Paul more "electable" than Gingrich....

That made my day

Flattering new poll numbers

Paul - not as a third party candidate - is within the margin of error against Obama.

No one else is as close except for Romney.

Gloria B - we've been disappointed with her before - compared the spirit of RP's campaign with Ross Perot's campaign in '92.

Overall - a great news story. Good news for us!

Educate yourself

Romney 47-Obama 48; Paul

Romney 47-Obama 48; Paul 46-Obama 48

"Eye-popping" to Borger

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Here it is:

CNN Poll: Obama tied with Romney & Paul in November showdowns

Washington (CNN) – Mitt Romney is all tied up with President Barack Obama in a likely general election matchup, with the president showing signs of weakness on the economy and Romney seen as out of touch with ordinary Americans, according to a new national survey.

And a CNN/ORC International Poll released Monday also indicates that Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is also even with Obama in another possible showdown this November. The survey also suggests the Republican advantage on voter enthusiasm is eroding, which could be crucial in a close contest.

Full results at: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2012/images/01/16/rel1bb.pdf

Guarantee you that it's Ron Paul as a third party candidate

Guarantee you that it's Ron Paul as a third party candidate shows that Obama has the edge, that's what the tease was for .... guarantee you!

I will be shocked if they polled the direct match up of Dr. Paul against Obama.

Man, you guys are so smart.

Your prediction makes a lot of sense. How degrading after hours of analysis of the Republican field over the weekend and today, and very little or no serious mention of RP

Educate yourself

Wolf Blitzer

makes me wanna kill myself.

Sorry for the downer.

truth liberate

Please don't....

Don't watch Wolf or anything else that makes you feel that way.


Life, Liberty... and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Wolf has been polite and fair in the past

He's far from the worst. I think Ron has developed some respect for Wolf, and when Ron sees an interview with Wolf coming up, I suspect he breathes a sigh of relief.

Educate yourself

No you don't understand.

It's his personality.

I'd rather watch a full hour of a fully biased incoherent turd O'Reilly than 10 minutes of watching that f*cking robot pretending to be a human being.

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