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Ron Paul Can Win South Carolina, the Republican Nomination and the Presidency

Just finished this article showing Paul's Rise in Polls, and how he can win South Carolina, the GOP Nomination, and the Presidency. Lots of links to other articles and polls. Talks about Open Primary States, Caucus States, California, and how a third-party candidate (not Ron Paul) will prevent a Romney ticket from winning.


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Just the way it is

We need not forget that we will have only two choices in the general election which will be Obama or Ron Paul. No other candidate can defeat Obama without the Ron Paul supporters. That is just the way it is. They can give you Paul or they can give you Obama.


"Anything can happen" - so if something crazy happens maybe we got a Stein or Johnson Presidency. But basically, it is Paul, or Obama. I don't see Romney getting it, and Gingrich will get destroyed.

Jack Wagner


Added the two new polls showing Paul in 2nd for the GOP race, and tied with Obama for the Presidency.

Consider donating to my site, will help fund my activism, writing, and I'll give half to the campaign or the super brochures.


Jack Wagner

On the forums


What is funny, right after I wrote this that CNN poll came out places Paul even with Obama, three more senators are planned to endorse, and CNN Focus group put Paul even with Romney...Winning!

Jack Wagner