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For All Those Reagan Loving, Ron Paul Hating Conservatives Who Have Lost Their Way

I consistently hear from Republicans and conservatives about their continued love and admiration of Ronald Reagan. For some reason, many of them despise Ron Paul and what he stands for. This post is not for debating whether or not Reagan did or did not make mistakes in the White House. The simple fact remains that no matter how divided the Republican base is, they seem to all love Ronald Reagan.

I dug this video up from the 2008 campaign. It is a great reminder of how similar the message of Reagan was to what Ron Paul is saying today. I have had success with this video from people I have shared it with. It is very well done, and may help to open the eyes of friends or family members that oppose Paul.

Enjoy! "Two Rons Make A Right" - Reminding Republicans what it means to be Conservative.


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That's some good stuff right

That's some good stuff right there.

I converted a number of my

I converted a number of my college friends with this video so I hope it helps. Love it!

Make your vote matter this year. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil! Vote your conscience, vote for Liberty, vote for the Constitution, VOTE RON PAUL!!!

Thanks excellent vid!

Two Rons make a Right

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina