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What ever happened to caring about the official tally of votes for Iowa?

I know that Iowa officials were talking about how the "Official Results" would be coming out in about 2 to 4 weeks, but have we heard anything from that since?


I guess why I ask is because I think Romney gets a lot of momentum that he possibly does not deserve.
If Santorum was supposed to win, then that would change a LOT of what happened in New Hampshire, and it would be a different story now too for everyone in the polls.
The hype that Romney has gotten for being "The first to win both Iowa & New Hampshire" hasn't boosted him in the polls?
Do I think the establishment has played their dirty little hands in this?
Do you think it would be a completely different story in New Hampshire & South Carolina if Romney would not have "Won"?
Being the front-runner has given him a lot of undecided voters that are only voting for him because "I think he could beat Obama", which is 2008 speech for "I'm voting for Hope & Change".

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Undecided voters is where it matters to me.

People look at contenders quite a bit differently when they're 1-0, rather than 0-1.
Case in point, look at "2nd place Santorum" in Iowa, as compared to "5th place Santorum" in New Hampshire.
Now, Sanitarium is in 4th in South Carolina. (Yes, about where he should be before dropping out in my opinion.)

My point is, even Romney lost, and Ron Paul gained in New Hampshire.
How much more would Romney have lost if he would have been "2nd" in Iowa? How much more would Santorum have gained?
Santorum could have been 4th, and Gingrich in 5th may have made a difference.

Being "2-0" now, boosts a Romney that was never expected to do as well in South Carolina as he is now. If Romney and Santorum were 1-1 right now, Gingrich would have been 4th & 5th, and momentum for Ron Paul may have been shooting up even more, since there would still be no clear front-runner.

I have to wonder how we get more of the undecided and lesser informed votes, when the mainstream media plays them all over to "The undefeated front-runner", Romney.

"Eh, doesn't matter"

"Our guys beat Paul. Who cares about details?"

The official results of the straw poll

are officially meaningless. All that matters is whose precinct delegates show up organized and ready to win their respective conventions. My bet is on our people, but I'm not exactly impartial.

It's over

Everyone has moved on.

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