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How much taxes would be needed to maintain infrastructure

I am wondering how feasible it would be to eliminate the income tax. Of course we would have to eliminate government spending i.e. getting rid of non essentiaL departments.

How would taxing work to simply keep infrastructure maintained, a strong military defense, and a skeleton government? (compared to what it is now)

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Great question!

When you tell people RP wants to get rid of the IRS, they get skeptical. Having a response ready will come in handy.

18.4 cents a gallon to the Feds and your state adds to that.

In 1975 gasoline was 29.9 cents a gallon , now in the state of Texas 39 cents is the total tax.
I lived through the 1970s and we had infrastructure that was paid for through very small amounts of gasoline tax.
1. We don`t need no stinkin income tax.
2. We don`t need no stinkin OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

0 Taxes if Private For-Profit Companies

Competed to provide the best possible service at the lowest cost and the government enforced competition and contract laws while enforcing private property rights of the individual.

Ok, so how does

the mayor and elected officials get payed? how about the building used for meetings?

Why should they be paid?

Personally, I think they should be volunteer-based terms and not get a dime of taxes. I can think of a few better places that money can be spent on. Buildings donated for use to city-officals for free would be one way.

I am not a tax expert but I would think

Through state and city taxes, unless I am missing something.

The bigger question for me is how high would taxes need to be raised in order to maintain the current level of spending. That will be the logic behind the lefts argument....instead of reshaping govt. why not raise taxes etc. it's a complex question but can satisfy many with a simple answer. We need to be ready for these challenges after we take the GOP nomination.

Dr.Paul has stated if we

Dr.Paul has stated if we simply returned to "2000" spending levels we wouldn't need an income tax.Infrastructure is built by people not governments.The government just takes from productive people to get their unproductive people to do it.

Ok so..

Roads, government offices including local and federal, military, etc. are all handled with sales tax and what other taxes? What I am trying to say is what would change in tax law and infrastructure besides getting rid of departments and reducing government employment? I believe we can get rid of the income tax but i am trying to get a feel for how tax funds would be directed and where they are actually coming from. Not knowing much about the various ways people and companies are taxed, I am curious how it can be publicly stated so people understand that income tax is not needed. If you had a pamphlet for instance

The income tax is not needed

Sales tax, ____ tax and ______ tax are more than enough to keep roads, military, police, firefighters, and local/federal government working.

Is the majority of funding going to come from sales tax? Please help me understand. Ill check out that movie too.

Yes and No

The income tax really doesn't go into anything. Every penny of the income tax goes towards paying the interest on the money that is borrowed from the Federal Reserve. Every dollar that is created by the Federal Reserve is owed back to the Federal Reserve plus interest. Our tax dollars goes towards that interest. The United States has the power to coin its own money. It is a power granted to the Congress by the Constitution. If we coined our debt free money, then money could be spent into existence without having to pay any interest on it and with out owing the Federal Reserve one cent. The only time taxes would be needed would be if to much money was in circulation and we started getting inflation. Then taxes would be issued to contract the money supply and stabilize the currency. The income tax is a scam that was created in 1913 with the unconstitutional 16th Amendment.

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    We Have A Family Business For

    We Have A Family Business For Almost 40 Years. What Kills Business All This !@#$ Fees And Taxes.

    Government Don't Create !@#$ Job I Create Jobs.

    If We Eliminate More Then 90% Of Government Job. People Pay A Whole Less Taxes.

    Productions Makes The World Turn Not !@#$ Government.

    99% People The Work For Are Government Don't Know Anything About Running A Business.

    Flat Rate Sales Taxes On New Items And Use Big Item(homes,Car,Boats,Etc.) No Need For The IRS And Big Government.

    However could any single tax

    However could any single tax dollar be needed for construction of any "infra structure"?

    If you believe that the forceful payment of any dollar to any middle man, who you call "politician", is necessary for the existence of any such thing as a telephone (as if men like Gingrich invented or built those devices). Then why don't you name ME (or Vermine Supreme) to be you politician, and have me forcefully use force to steal your dollar in order to "promise" you to, well, make a phone or something "infra" for the greater good...

    Because you DO believe that a planned economy is the best thing for the production of all items, not categorized as "infra structure", and those two categories of goods heed under two completely different kinds of economics law, don't they??? A street sweeper builds infra structure because a street is infra structure. When you yourself sweep your floor at home, you simply uselessly consume. Or?

    Federal income tax doesn't pay for...

    infrastructure or military!...it doesn't build roads or schools, it doesn't pay your congressman's salary either.
    Please watch a couple films to help you understand the ponzi scheme that is "income tax". I would suggest, "Money Masters" to start. If you'll recall, the US got its central bank and a federal income tax simulaneously...what does that tell you?

    Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

    "The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry