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Are we asking too much of Dr Paul?

"A tired-looking Ron Paul showed up in South Carolina Sunday after a four-day disappearing act that has some close aides wondering if their candidate is running short on stamina.

"Dr. Paul is tired. Campaigning for President is hard work,” says Terry Andrews, a Paul supporter. “But he’s in great shape.”

Others aren’t so sure. Paul has shown increasing irritability on the campaign trial recently, snapping at aides, showing flashes of temper with interviewers and telling people to “get out of my way” when the crowds crush in.

He looks tired and his voice trails off in speeches and in interviews.

“Some of the pressures of the campaign are getting to him,” an aide admits to Capitol Hill Blue.


Another- "How old is Ron Paul?"

"If elected president, Ron Paul will be 77 on the day of his inauguration, making him the oldest person ever to assume our nation’s highest office. Ron Paul would be starting his presidency at the same age Ronald Reagan ended his. If Ron Paul served two terms, he would leave office at the ripe ol’ age of 85."


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I think Dr. Paul got sick in Iowa

I have listen to many, many video's of Ron Paul talking and he was stuffy and hoarse when he was doing speeches in Iowa, He seemed a little better in N.H other than his voice was trailing off and breaking.

Ron is a doctor and knows how to take care of himself but that might be why he went home.. to see his doctor.

I don't have a problem with him going home and getting some good sleep in his own bed and resting up while they are campaigning in S.C...S.C will go to the neo-cons anyways judging by last nights debate.

And as for his snapping at people...I would be out of sorts if I had so many people cutting me up like they are doing to him, Pushing his wife around like they did his....They are worthless scum the whole lot of them.

A very legitimate question.

I have always defended Dr. Paul from the question/concern regarding his age. But judging by some of the comments here I can't help but to think that some of us are in denial.

I know Ron bikes and exercises every day. But im not going to sit here in my bed and type away on a keyboard blindly cheering this man along while at the same time a senior citizen practically single-handedly does things to restore this country every single day.

I know Ron can go on for years to come fighting for this country. But I also have no earthly clue as to what the physical and mental strains a presidential candidate must go thru while campaigning.

And this thought just entered my mind right now: what if the good Dr's health has been sabotaged? what if Paul is not grumpy because he's exhausted, but rather because he's been told, in one form or another, that he would never win by the very movers & shakers themselves (whomever they may be). Dr Paul has proven to be a formidable force not to be taken lightly. He's proven to be a top-tier contender. But just what the eff'n if there is a cover-up going on here.

ps - I'm prepared for the blow-back of voicing my hidden thoughts here.

Betty White

Did you see her 90th birthday bash?

I could see Paul's understandable frustration at people stating in a question a political belief that was not his used in a stacked question.
If you cut military spending which causes troops to lose their jobs and causes citizens in S C to be unemployed, how would you answer that?

He handled far better than I would


Ron Paul Offers Too Much.

Let us be thankful, Ron Paul offers a lot. He is in good physical shape, exercises regularly. On the mental side he has already done his homework, he does Not have to think too much, he is repeating consistently the message of Liberty, it is easy for him. Actually he made prophetic predictions many years ago - events that are occurring now, = and so - this adds to the confidence that he already had.
His message is finding larger audiences, he is more energized when he sees the enthusiasm of his (young) supporters.
Aid his efforts, and pray for him. Prepare your-Self to = continue.

You know the media

Is going to play the "old man" card all the time now and constantly make remarks like this. It's been the trend the past few days.

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and apparently here on the DP

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I'd rather have an old man

I'd rather have an old man that wants me to be free, than a young man who wants to be my master.

It doesn't cross my mind.

Dr. Paul maybe in his seventies, but frankly, when discussing him, the age thing simply doesn't cross my mind. I just don't feel a "tired energy" when i see him or him him speak. There are so many people of his age that are still kicking butt everyday.

I'm 44 and, though I used to bike a lot, I would be hard pressed to keep up with RP now a days.

I think, if there is any weariness, it has much more to do with fighting this massive anit-Paul media onslaught. I'm pissed as is. I can't imagine exactly how pissed I'd be if I knew all of the really bad things he's trying to prevent just to be marginalized and shut out of the media.

I believe it is his age and, in fact, the wisdom that comes with his age, that is allowing him to be as calm and patient as he is.

"Keep your hands out of my pockets and stop telling me what to do!"

The only positive thing about

The only positive thing about this post, was an indirect suggestion to something else. He is going to need a very good VP with close ideals and a good jogger.

Drivel, hit piece, don't post

Drivel, hit piece, don't post this garbage here. It should be ignored.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


It's obvious that Ron Paul has decided to carry this cross.

Any person over 50, knows there are fewer years ahead than behind.

Ron Paul certainly knows what he is sacrificing. Time he could be spending with his wife, time he could be spending with his grandkids. A quiet cup of coffee in the morning, watching the sun rise. His health.

Few of us will know that kind of burden.

The guy has a lot of mileage on him, but this is the way it has to be.

So cut him some slack, and let him get his rest, so that he can speak with vitality.

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he knows his thoughts and purpose
are not held by just here in america
but from around the world
he has a huge message and it should be ours
he also knows he is a message bearer
yes, it is a big message,but one worthy
it is for everyone,not just here but also abroad
he knows this,he lives it,it is his life
and i guarantee his family knows this and IS proud
oh but what did he do while at home?
bet he took a bike ride,but more importantly
made the love of his life happy
i bet she is so very proud of him,i know i am
are we done with this thread??????
hellooooo,please for the love of what is right
delete this

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I'm trying soooooo hard everyone, not to do it, but...

TimWA, are you a BLANKING idiot?

I really tried everyone. I really did. I even sent TimWA an email first, to try and chill out. Didn't work.

WTF do you not understand about what drives this man? Now his age is a problem, REALLY? Are you freaking kidding me? Has God told you he won't see 100 with a clear mind? I didn't think so.

TimWA, if you are too weak in the spine to help carry this message, maybe you should leave that up to the rest of us.

Don't react so hard.

It's helpful to discuss this!

- it's good to know what you are defending against in your opponent's perception.
- it's good to discuss a concern many may be secretly worried about, bring it out in the open.
- subsequently, it's good to share clear reasons for why this is actually a positive factor.

I don't like being played.

Go do it somewhere else.

What the H___ is an Aide telling

Why is a trusted aide telling the Capital Hill Blue that his Boss is Tired?
Who needs enemies when you have friends like this! I am 64 and can't imagine
enduring all the stress that the Good Doctor has on his shoulders. The good fight that he gives has to be very draining, with all the negative, cruel, evil, people and comments out there. We must be there to support him and help carry the heavy load.
He has been at this for so long and he knows whats at stake, cut him some slack.

that makes me angry and sad

So if we said, yes, would we stop the race, the drive to be free, the need to reduce the deficit?

NO NO NO Ron Paul has started something big. I got on board in 2008 and watched the blackout, the lies, the secrets, the deception.
Now the whole world is watching. I know that years from now when Ron Paul is not here, he will be in history books for starting a Revolution and starting a fire that can not be put out. And in his legacy I know that he will have a wonderful Vice President and many new people in Congress and Senate that have a new understanding of liberty.

What makes him tired and upset is the negativity and the lack of media time to get his message out. He has been misunderstood at times, and the media does its best to confuse and disguise the truth.

I thought he looked great at the convention on Saturday, and he looked great at the faith speech today.

I have an 88 year old healthy man in my house who said that he is voting for him and he is well versed on the issues. Age is not a factore.


Yeah we are expecting too much from him

But at this point he's all we got. His victory will spawn millions more to take up arms in following his footsteps. No one can ever replace him though.

There is no alternative it's Paul or not at all

Why is this topic helpful?

This post is a downer. He wouldn't be in the fight for the enthusiasm the supporters bring.

it's helpful because:

- it's good to know what you are defending against in your opponent's perception.
- it's good to discuss a concern many may be secretly worried about, bring it out in the open.
- it's good to have clear reasons for why this is actually a positive factor.

Concern Troll

There were many other ways to ask about the work of campaigning without denigrating supporters because "we ask for too much".

The enthusiasm of supporters is a reason he runs a campaign.


There's nothing wrong with Ron Paul. His answers do NOT trail off. In fact, he is much more relaxed than prior months.

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maybe just maybe

he is tired of this mindless dribble
negative energy brings people down
like this post does

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I think he's the perfect age.

It's good to have a long life and still be youthful while still achieving ever greater things.
Ron Paul is like the last 10th Dan Constitutionalist.

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that is excellent

thanks for posting
got anymore?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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voting down a post asking for more
youtubes vids about using energy?
gee let me guess who that might have been?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


voted you down?

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voted down

the same one who created this thread

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Talked to my 87 year old father last night.

He said it was his 25th retirement anniversary, after 45 years at the same company. Said his plan is to be retired for as many years as he was employed, and sees no reason to change the plan at this stage.

Dad ended the conversation by saying he was going to the gym in the morning. He goes at least 3 times a week, and walks 5 miles a day. Yeah he gets a little tired now and then, but his mind is just as sharp as ever.

I think people need to stop

I think people need to stop asking Ron to do everything and get up and start doing some stuff "their damn selves"...! Just a thought...!