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Ron Paul Song Anthem: 'We Want Ron Paul' soon to be available via Digital Download

Hey my Liberty Lovin' Friends! This is your Girl, May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul with my very own 'Daily Paul' Account (I know...finally,right?).

Due to popluar damand, I wanted to let you know that I am set to go into the recording studio tonight (1/16) to record 'We Want Ron Paul' and another great anthem I wrote called: 'They Ain't See Nothin' Yet'. You Ron Paul supporters demanded the song for your ipods, etc., so I'm off to get er' done, for you and to promote Liberty!

If you haven't heard the song check it out here:
"We Want Ron Paul": http://youtu.be/G9wigCYMOQg
The video posted last Friday Evening (i.e., Midnight) and generated over 5,300 hits since then!

We look forward to having the songs available in a few days. Please support effort as monies from the proceeds will be given to Dr. Paul's current Money Bomb.

With Ivory Soul,
May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul
Website: www.maypalmer.com

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Love the song, welcome to the Daily Paul.

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