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Ron Paul Tied with Obama and in Two-Man Race with Romney

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul again polls strong against incumbent President Barack Obama in a general election matchup, according to today’s CNN/ORC Poll.

Highlights include Paul besting Obama 49 to 45 percent among persons 65 and older, a voter segment considered to be the most reliable for turnout. Paul also beats Obama among persons 50 to 64 by a 47 to 45 percent margin. Taken together, according to the poll, voters over 50 deliver Paul a clean 48 to 45 percent win over Obama.

When factoring geography and racial background, Paul also carries substantial numbers.

Versus Obama, Paul defeats him 51 to 45 percent in the Midwest, 49 to 45 percent in the South, 61 to 35 percent in rural areas, and ties him at 47 percent in suburban areas. Paul also bests all other Republican candidates among nonwhite voters when matched against Obama, again carrying a solid quarter of those votes, and defeating Obama among white voters 54 to 41 percent, and men 49 to 44 percent.

Among many segments, the numbers of other Republican hopefuls is paltry to Paul’s performance.


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