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"Defeat Obama": The GOP's "Hope & Change"

by Brian Phillips

The “establishment-type” GOPers all lean towards Mitt Romney because he is “electable” and the “conservative” Republicans favor anyone other than Romney (except, it seems, Ron Paul). But, voting for Romney or any other GOP candidate than Ron Paul is a vote for…?

How are they different than Barack Obama? Their economic system is still Keynesian, just like Obama. They still favor big government, just like Obama. They have no plans for doing away with abortion, just like Obama. They all favor military intervention and war abroad, just like Obama.

From what I can tell, unless Ron Paul becomes the GOP nominee, the mantra of “Defeat Obama” is simply another “Hope and Change.”

Read more at: http://truthandculture.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/defeat-obama/

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