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Industrial Hemp Legalization in Kentucky Closer to Reality

There is a real movement in 2012 the Commonwealth of Kentucky to legalize industrial hemp and the farming of it. The newly elected Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer (R) Tompkinsville is the main supporter of the renewed effort.

Click here for updated details:

This is to Restart the Kentucky Hemp Commission:


Kentucky Ready for Hemp?


Click here for the Kentucky State Legislature: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/

Click here for Actual Bill SB 41: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/12RS/SB41.htm

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Television Coverage of Industrial Hemp Bill Gaining Traction

This is from WHAS 11 News coverage on how the Industrial Hemp issue and farming is gaining traction in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I solid majority of Kentuckianas are ready to explore the idea of using industrial hemp as a cash crop. We will find this poll and release the number soon.

Click here to read the story: http://www.whas11.com/news/Momentum-builds-behind-bill-to-le...

Kentucky Hazard Herald Praises James Comer on Integrity

This is a news article from the Harzard, Kentucky Herald on the Integrity of Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and the Industrial hemp or farming issue.

Click here to read the full story: http://hazard-herald.com/bookmark/17340144

North Dakota has issued permits for growing hemp

About two years ago, ND farmers went to DC to plant hemp seeds on the federal Dept of Ag lawn. (These farmers have been granted hemp permits by the state to grow hemp the minute the federal government decriminalizes hemp.) Upon planting the seeds, the feds arrested them.

Ron Paul Officially Files for Kentucky Ballot

This is the official campaign post of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign filing on the Kentucky ballot: http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/2df713e6d28040d7a4068e...

Kentucky February 2012 Industrial Hemp and Farming Public Events

February 2012 Kentucky Industrial Hemp and Farming Live Public Events:


Kentucky History of Hemp-World War Two

This is the a portion of the Kentucky history of industrial hemp and the farming of the crop. This link is in particular focusing on the 1940s or World War 2 Era: http://pageonekentucky.com/2012/01/24/kentucky-hemp-was-a-bi...

Kentucky is a lot more

friendlier to marijuana than people give them credit for.

A few years ago, I was driving a 2002 F250 and this lady ran me off the road into a ditch. It didn't tear up my truck, but it deflated both passenger side tires. This guy came down on his four wheeler and said that he had already called the sheriff because he didn't know if I was injured or not. I immediately was like "why the hell did you do that?" My license was suspended for failure to pay a speeding ticket. The guy called back to tell the sheriff's office that I was ok and didn't need to come out anymore. The sheriff responded that he was already on his way and didn't have anything else to do, so needless to say I was a bit nervous. (operating with a suspended license was an arrestable offense in Kentucky at the time.) I called AAA to come get my truck out of the ditch and take it back to my house so I could go get new tires. The sheriff finally shows up and he asks me for my license. He happened to look in the back of my truck and noticed my four pot plants that I had thrown in the back of my truck because I was going to give them to my buddy later in the day. (four or less plants in kentucky is a misdemeanor.) I remember it clear as day...Sheriff: "What do you have here?" Me: "I was on my way home to help finish my mother with her landscaping." Sheriff: "I bet you are." He then returns to his cruiser to run my license. I just knew I was going to be arrested so I called my mother to prepare to come bail me out. He returns and says, alright, you don't have any warrants and everything looks good, are you sure you don't want a accident report for your insurance company?" Me: No thanks, I appreciate the help you provided." Sheriff: "Alright, good luck with everything."

The law has changed since then. The most anyone can receive in jail for eight ounces or less and four plants or less is 45 days in jail. It is also now only an arrestable offense if you are being disorderly, violent, intoxicated, or the officer has reasonable cause that you will not appear in court. If he/she can't prove that, they are required by state law to only issue a ticket.

The federal government are the ones who came into Kentucky and started demonizing marijuana. The extremely religious individuals are the ones who took the propaganda and ran with it, but the majority of Kentuckians believes that marijuana should be fully legal. They know we have worse problems in regards to drugs. We are consistently in the top three for meth usage and every year are at the top of the list for prescription drug abuse. Local sheriffs normally don't care about marijuana. It is the state boys that can be real assholes sometimes. Personally, I have never seen anyone be arrested for marijuana possession alone. Normally they are arrested for other charges already and then they tack on the possession of marijuana charges.

They let you go because they want

to see what you're up to lol..

BTW, I know first hand how friendly Kentucky is to pot. Wooohoooo. :)

I miss that state!

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The sad reality of this whole idea...

is that if Kentucky does move forward and makes this happen, the feds will send in agents to arrest the farmers and burn the crops. Federal supremacy will put the damper on this entire project.

Change in the DEA policy Coming...

There is a real effort by State Elected Officials to get a united front with the Kentucky Congressional Delegation(except Mitch McConnell) to alter the DEA policy on Industrial Hemp and farming.

I grew up on a farm near Smiths Grove

and went to college in Bowling Green. It's nice to see Kentucky becoming a center of this movement!

Week in Frankfort Kentucky: State of the News

WFPL Radio comments on Industrial Hemp, legalization, farming and other topics.


Kentucky be on guard

Congratulations for leading Pennsylvania for industrial hemp production but be on guard, don't let laws be written that make the Kentucky Hemp farmer a criminal. You should have the right to grow 1 acre or more, not the 20 acre minimum like Canada has, don't let Monsatto control or GMO your Kentucky heritage seeds. Repeal the restrictions that are prohibiting farmers from cultivating hemp. I hope Pennsylvania can piggyback, Kentucky is lucky to have Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Ron Paul HR1831 - this is part of the key to unraveling President Richard Nixons lunacy in scheduling the whole cannabis species as a schedule 1 narcotic. Another act of common sense by President Paul..Hemp Hemp Hooray !

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

Hawaii Press On Growing Developments in Kentucky on Hemp Farming

This is the very latest from the state of Hawaii on the major developments of Hemp farming legalization in the Commonwealth of Kentucky: http://cannabis.hawaiinewsdaily.com/2012/01/20/hemp-farming-...

Gatewood Galbraith

I believe it was May of 1978, I was hitch-hiking back to Canada from Knoxville TN. After a breakfast that included grits and some other heavy food to top off my hangover. My first ride (from the shoulder of I-75) was from a guy in a pick-up with his two pre-teen kids with him. I noticed the boys were chawing down on chewing tobacco and spitting into cups. The gentleman offered me a (big) shot of JD and had his kid pour it into a cup from the floor. It wasn't helping my hangover yet! But I digress.

Rode with them for about an hour and just inside the Kentucky border a guy in a beat up old panel van stopped, reached over and opened the door and said: Hi! I'm Gatewoood Galbraith and I'd like to smoke a joint with you. (Musta been my long blond hair and red eyes that tipped him off). I think you can gather what my answer was.

Turns out Gatewood was on his way to Ohio to write his Bar exam. Well, he talked non-stop for 3 hours (the hangover, JD and herb wasn't making me very talkative, anyway) about wanting to become the Governor of Kentucky and legalize pot.
What a great memory.

Got back home to Sarnia and told buddies about Gatewood. Then a couple of years later, my friend was at the Univ. of Western Ontario and excitedly showed me a copy of High Times with an article about GG. HE even remembered my story.

So, does Gatewood have his finger in this? Gatewood, are you on the Daily Paul? You must be. I hope you see this and contact me. I want to thank you for letting me keep my pot in my pocket and just smoke yours.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Gatewood has recently passed

Gatewood has recently passed away. He was awesome! He received my vote for Governor last election. RIP dear friend.

Gatewood Galbraith Has Passed Away

Hell raiser and Independent minded liberty activist famously known for his affiliate with Willie Nelson has passed away.

Kentucky Industial Hemp Bills(Plural) Picking Up Steam

Now, there are two new Industrial Hemp bills in the Kentucky Legislature, now in the Kentucky House of Representatives!!!

New Popular Support Among Legislators for HB 286:


Now, here is a companion House Bill 272 Click here: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/12RS/HB272.htm

The Second Congressional Representative in Kentucky Brett Guthrie is now on board.

Breaking News Today; Press Conference on Hemp

This is Kentucky Secretary of Agriculture James Comer News Press Conference on Industrial Hemp today.


Supports in the crowd say hemp would be a boom for Kentucky jobs.

Christian County Kentucky Farmers Industrial Hemp Seminar

Here is the brief details on the Western Kentucky Christian County Kentucky Farmers Industrial Hemp Seminar: Christian County Extensive Office with a press conference at 9:30 AM and meeting begins at: 10 AM Central Time Zone. For more information contact Katie Moyer or Green Coal Coalition: http://www.takebackkentucky.net/

I live in Kentucky and it

I live in Kentucky and it would take a miracle to pass mostly because people think its a drug and the drug problem in Ky is terrible. It has gotten so bad theyre changing laws and giving lighter sentences, and the police state is terrible for a rural state. The deocratic house might pass it but The republican senate wont even bring it to a vote or vice verca. The partison ship here is just as bad as Washington. Im glad Comer made it to Franfort, last year we had a Demacrat landslide but he broke through.

1998-2012 Official UK Economic Study On Industrial Hemp

This is an official study in the commonwealth of Kentucky and the economic impact of Industrial Hemp: http://www.votehemp.com/PDF/hempstudy.pdf

Law Enforcement Beginning to Change Their Mind

The Industrial Hemp cannot and will not be linked to meth. The Kentucky state taxes and fees for industrial hemp can be used to help farmers, and law enforcement officiers fight meth.

Federal Government(DEA) Changing Its Mind On Growing Industrial Hemp in Kentucky: http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wkms/news.newsmain/article...

This is great!!! I met my

This is great!!! I met my wife in Kentucky during undergrad and her family is from a small framing town in the northern part of the state.

One day on our last visit my father-in-law and I were driving around the hills and talking about the downward trend of farming in the area. People are starting to have to work an additional job along with farming to survive because they cannot compete with the big industrial farms in the mid-west. The anchorage is to small per farm and not enough land. Tobacco used to be the big crop but now that smoking is on the decline its not a viable crop.

On our drive I brought up the topic of growing hemp as a cash crop and he thought it was a great idea. With the landscape and the climate in most of the country that hemp grows like a weed in, we could use hemp as a cash crop to revitalize farming communities and to increase our industrial base.

We Need Calls to Kentucky State Senate in Support

We need Kentucky residents and especially voters to call the Kentucky State Legislature Toll Free: 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message with the operator. Please leave a message: Tell the State Senate Agriculture Committtee Support Republican James Comer effort to legalize industrial hemp.

Happy to see more efforts going on in more states

Hemp needs to come back and does complete marijuana legalization. If you want to get rid of the criminals, get rid of the "black market" b.s. they are pretending to be trying to stop.

http://shelfsufficient.com - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way.

http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana



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Industrial Hemp History up til 2012

This is a terse history of Industrial Hemp production in Kentucky:


Take Back Kentucky-True GrassRoots Efforts in Kentucky

This is the real grassroots activism in the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Take Back Kentucky: http://www.takebackkentucky.com/