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Hey Ron, tonight@debate = attack!attack!attack!

let it all hang out because the the fight is rigged and the judges are corrupt.Take matters in your hands and go for the knockout. In you I trust

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He needs to ASK for their votes. He not only has to SELL, he

has to CLOSE as well.

Don't underestimate the power of the close.

MANY voters have commented that they like a candidate, "but he never asked me to vote for him, so I didn't."

Absurd, I know, but any consultant worth his salt should be on top of this in the RP campaign. I'm shocked they aren't.

All attacking does is give the target another 30 sec to


I'd prefer for Ron to SELL for a change.

He needs to SELL himself on deficit reduction.

He needs to SELL himself on less government = free market = more jobs

He needs to SELL sound money & banking = you can afford to live.

He needs to SELL that not only can he beat Romney, but Obama too.

Voters in SC say deficits and jobs are #1 on their minds, #2 is electability against Obama. (which takes care of Romney in the process)

The poll show these are the winning issues, yet they are favouring ROMNEY of all people over Paul.

Only 4% give a rats ass about social issues.

Let Frothy hang himself on that one.

Let Gingrich and Newt slice each other up.

Perry will choke on his own words.

Leave the attacks for the others. And use any attack on you for 30 more seconds to SELL.

On the Issues!

He looked uncomfortable with the personal attacks in the last debate. (not his "style")


Mitt's nomination would be atragedy for America and a disaster for the GOP....

Ron Paul'08



show them who

The Champion of the Constitution is.