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Attention Customers!: would Ron Paul please come to the front of the store

So I have been wanting to do something for a while: use the intercom at a store to promote Ron Paul! There is a slight problem, however. How much trouble could I get into? Would there be any negative effects towards the campaign doing this? I am not suggesting going in there and blabbing on the intercom for 5 minutes. What I am saying is simply giving them a line or two. "Restore the Republic Vote 4 Ron Paul" etc.

On a lightly less scale lets say you have misplaced *cough cough your family member and ask them to page them to the front of the store. Say that you do not want to embarrass them and that if you say "Ron Paul"
they will know that that is referring to them.

Some stores have over 200 people shopping in it at once

Good idea or Bad idea?... please weigh in

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What I do now is say "Ron

What I do now is say "Ron Paul your needed in aisle 12"...I'm able to get away with this because I have successfully converted many co-workers and my manager :)

"Freedom brings people together"~ Ron Paul!

I've been doing that since 2008!

I work at a huge grocery store in South Florida and when Paul ran last time...I would say "Ron Paul you have a delivery in back", or I would say Ron Paul in the middle of someone's name that I actually needed lol

"Freedom brings people together"~ Ron Paul!

Careful, he has rock star status now. You might start a

stampede of shoppers thinking, "Ron Paul is here! I have to shake his hand!"

Too Funny-I Bet You Could Get Away Telling Them You Need to Page

your lost father who is 90 years old and has dementia and the person probably won't even know that Ron Paul is a person running the presidency of the United States. This is what I call having fun. I can't say that Ron would approve but with all due respect as his volunteers sometimes we have to do what we have to do to get his name out there.


another idea.

Stop letting people know you are a Ron Paul supporter, like in public, youtube, on news comments, etc.
Instead say things that lead them to RP on their own.

"Huntsman dropped out, then he endorses Mitt? Mitt can't win against Obama!" "I'm trying to choose who to vote for. I don't like Mitt. Perry, and Santorum are completely unelectable. So for me that just leads to Newt, and Ron Paul."

OR whatever you get what I'm saying.

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Bad idea, but great activism.

This just feeds the MSM that we are fanatic Ron Paul supporters that will stop at nothing at getting him to the White House. While that is true, we have to show some constraint, civility, and manners.
There are other ways of showing activism in this campaign than this way, IMO. Make some phone calls, put up some Ron Paul signs, and talk to people one-on-one.

They will kick you out...

This is based on my experience during a college prank at a Walmart. They escorted us out.

The Red Coats are coming!

Bad idea. We are not

Bad idea.

We are not twelve.

Just being honest. Love your enthusiasm though.

I have an idea too -

It doesn't involve Walmart...but college basketball I think.

My husband watches sports on TV - I don't get into it much, but I saw these giant heads in the crowd...like cut-outs of the players and coaches faces or something. They looked silly but fun. It would be cool to sneak some Ron Paul ones in there too...that stuff is televised to a large audience, might get a laugh - in a good way?

Now I'll take critique.

(I would have no idea how to make this happen:)

sign flip.

When you see on the big screen your sign being broadcast, flip the sign to a pro RP slogan!

Better idea

Why not just discreetly leave some Super Brochures lying around the store for people to pick up?

I guarantee you if you start using the intercom to send a political message, you might as well tell your bosses that you're quitting.


I've done this before. leave things on the shelf, sticking out etc.

Terrible Idea....

...unless you're the manager of the place. I'd definately say no

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Love it!

Love it!

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