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Everybody says Ron Paul can't win...

But I believe he can... What do you guys think???

Here is an awesome song that fits Dr. Paul to the tee!! Please take the time to check it out!


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I think seeing negativity in a headline like this SUCKS ASS!

Please take it down or change the title PLEASE?

It hurts just seeing it written here.

Can't you see that?

It's like seeing "IS YOUR MOTHER DEAD YET?" in the headline, and having the text read "I just got off the phone with her..."

I shouldn't even have to write this because it NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN POSTED.

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Take it easy

The two have absolutely nothing in common??? Caught your attention didn't it? Don't be so cynical, are you the post police. Besides isn't this a forum about freedom, and you want to regulate How I post something! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!


DUDE , PRESIDENT PAULS time has come !
he is already winning the hearts and minds of millions
He has stated that the growth is exponential now
He (we) will win, has won and will continue to win
This is real , this is historic, this is ordained
and you helped make it happen----------
Feel the LOVE


I think he's gonna get it this time!!