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All Romney..All The Time...ON ALL NETWORKS

Just incredible the ramming down the throat of the anointed Wall Street candidate all day down the American people's throats. I just for an exercise switched between CNN, FOX & MSNBC every 60 secs (Not Counting Commercials)
And on all channels within 60 seconds there was a mention of Romney with the slight exception on 2 networks to mention Hunstsman dropping out to endorse Mitt.
Aside from that on CNN we have endless Cruise DISASTER coverage.
Right Now Ed Show: 8:37 is Mitt and Bain
Right Now on Fox 8:38 (#1 Cable Show for 12 years is) Bernie Sanders discussing Mitt Romney

Just endless..endless propaganda..not one mention of Ron Paul yet. Wake up America...THEY ARE SHOVING YOU DOWN HIS THROAT LIKE PRES. O. HEAD THE WIN TAILS YOU LOSE.

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If Ron Paul ever gets voted to the WH...I won't be surprised if

a coup of some sort by the "Elite/Corporatist/Whathaveyou" would conspire..worst case. I mean we are entering the era of tyranny.

Total Martial Law is not in the realm of the impossible anymore. I lived through in one in my old country...I see the patterns here in America (suspension of habeas corpus, etc aka NDAA, blatant media propaganda, fear tactics, etc).

The Ron Paul blackout will NEVER subside

Katharine Seelye (Katharine TellsLies?) just posted this article to the NTYTimes.


It mentions Ron Paul ZERO times. ZERO.

Romney: 14
Huntsman: 7
Gingrich: 7
Santorum: 15
Paul: 0

Un. F***ing. Believable.

The blackouts will continue for the entire race. If Dr. Paul wins the nomination, the MSM will simply not cover the election. The mass media have declared war on the American people.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

anyone who expected otherwise...

...is probably new to this stuff. ;-)

This is the future. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


a rat, a lizard and some guy counting his fingers still need dispatching.
plastic man will melt under the spotlight.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

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They are scared shitless of

They are scared shitless of Ron winning SC. That's why the nationwide blackout of Tom Davis endorsement, the weird timing of huntsman dropout, the phony polls that ignore RP's surge in real polls, and the blanket coverage of all things Romney and not-Paul. They are insulting the intelligence of the South Carolina voters - let's pray they see through this grandest of charades.

Cos Cob, CT


Shutter down and flip on some country music. lol

Not a country fan..all I got

Not a country fan..all I got is Buffet and dreaming of the next trip to the Caribbean but thanks for the advice..lol. They just aggravate me.


I have been flipping channels while waiting for the debate to start and I noticed that as well.

He is the front runner but - still - the primary/caucus cycle is far from over.

So Sickening..Even on the

So Sickening..Even on the supposed lefty channels. All treasonists to the Republic. They could care less who they have in 2012..both exact replicas out of the Wall Street machine.
I challenge anyone to go to MSNBC or FOX and see if Mitt will not be mentioned within 60 seconds.