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Louisiana to move Caucus from Feb. 25th to April 28th. Campaign, DO SOMETHING!

Per one of the Louisiana Republican Party Parish (county) Commitee members from a first hand conversation with the State Party Chair:

"In an astounding move the La Republican party has chosen to set the date for the caucus for April 28, long after Super Tuesday, diluting the ability of La Conservatives to select the Republican nominee. The caucus is traditionally held in January , before Super Tuesday on March 6, thus providing Louisiana conservatives with a national stage and the ability to influence the selection of the nominee. Roger Villere, state chair of the party, confirmed the April date, and tried to correlate it with the state's efforts to have the RNC allow the 7 congressional districts for delegate selection. When asked how this could possibly be good for Louisiana and conservatives, Mr Villere stated that the primary is March 24, but admitted that by then Super Tuesday would be over."

Apparently this is being done to help Romney as the party feals he does not have enough support in the state and such an early upset could help to derail his national campaign momentum. This is being done against party rules regarding dates and deadlines, but that didn't stop them before when the stole a Ron Paul victory in 2008 with caucus shenanigans. (see post here for details of the 2008 party mischief: http://www.dailypaul.com/38375/louisiana-rp-supporters-dropp...). So basically even if Louisiana does go to Ron Paul now, it would be after all or most of the other states. We don't get to help set the stage. I really think that the campaign needs to step up and do something about this. Maybe someone could file suit to stop this!?.

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Louisiana republican party

Louisiana republican party leadership is into self-castration.

I live in LA and saw what

I live in LA and saw what happened in 2008. I know there are some downsides to moving the caucus later but there are some upsides too. First, RP does not have a lot of support here. It is a needle in a haystack to find a supporter during phone banking, and I have not seen one yard sign, etc. What we do have is a good organization for delegates but can always do more groundwork to make sure voters turn out. If RP does good in Nevada and some other states it will help him. The downside is Romney has more time to organize in LA and win the popluar vote and get delegates organized. But RP supporters in LA are going to show no matter what to vote for delegates, regardless of the month. The race is still about delegates who will vote for RP at nationals. We have a long way to go before the fat lady is finished.


Delay is so Jindal will be announced as vice president for Mitt.
Would't be right to announce before then.
If there is a Mitt Jindal ticket, it would never get my vote.


I dont know if it is bad but i thought i would say this...

I know that the longer the race is laid out the better it is for Paul so there is no need to worry!!

The only thing I can think of to do is to cram and jam

Bobby Jindhals FB page like we did with VA's AG Cuccinich!

Re-election hints, changing the rules in the middle of the game embarrassements, etc. Let's make a splash! But nicely!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


Front page, please!


Angry bump.

This isn't going to be a 3 States and its over.

We need to fight for all 50 States including the territories. We need to call, email, canvass and meet with all your neighbors.

Look at what Storm did in Iowa handing out over 20,000 plus Flyers in his county alone.

Keep fighting folks!

Other reasons for delay

I heard that Romney wanted the delay to avoid the Tea Party influence.
The Dead Pelican Reports wonders if it is because Jindal wants to be Vice President. He spent tax payers money traveling to all the other states supporting other Republicans. I oftened wondered why.

But 2008 was terrible. The LaGOP changed the rules when Ron Paul was the only candidate to have his paper work submitted in time. So the LaGOP extended the deadline so Thompson could win. However, Thompson dropped out the day before the vote, so Huckaberry won.

Also, if they knew that you supported Ron Paul as a delegate or alternate, they had your phone number cross reference and excluded you on a special list that said Reagan Family Values. And those were handed out in churches as suggestions of who to vote for if you supported family values.


Jindal isn't eligible

Not a natural born citizen.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home


How are we supposed to fight against such overwhelming corruption?

What are the campaigns supposed to do?

and which campaign willget their way?

Louisiana was one of the places

where some of the worst party shenanigans of the entire 2008 primary season was seen.
They literally pulled every dirty trick in the book, and then some.

But RP still ended up doing pretty well there anyway.
If it was all on the up-and-up, RP would have won Louisiana by a landslide.


Although it is a Primary state, it looks as if the Texas primary will be pushed back yet again. The tentative date is, To Be Determined.

PLEASE FRONT PAGE: I know it's an unusual post to front-page....


Paul will be helped by each caucus state.

We can't let them game the system in BROAD DAYLIGHT and AGAINST THEIR OWN RULES.