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Ron Paul voting against MLK day

Ok, there must be threads on this
I did a google search but found nothing

I know why he voted against the Rosa Parks medal
Made sense

But why on the MLK day?


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Clearing this up...

He voted for the holiday to be held on the third Monday of January.
He voted against the *paid federal* holiday.

Can you quote me the section

of the Constitution that authorizes Congress to make holidays, no matter who they are for?

Or should they do whatever they please, because it sounds nice to some special interest group, regardless that they are not authorized to do it?

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Not sure, but you can bet

Not sure, but you can bet your ass we will find out tonight!

Cos Cob, CT

i didn't know that he did.

i didn't know that he did. but if so, i would imagine it is because of the regulations on business when there are federal holidays. e.g. time-and-a-half pay, mandatory vac pay, etc. that hurt businesses, workers and consumers.


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